Madsen Wire Fabrication Services since 1938

As a leader of wire forming companies, Madsen Wires understands that businesses need design and engineering services, prototyping and production wire fabricating that includes wire forming, wire cut off, mesh welding, welded wire products, MIG & TIG welding, quality finishing along with packing and shipping to a single location or to multiple locations.  Our wire products company offers all of the wire fabrication services needed for large production runs of 250 to 100,000 pieces per release or small runs of 50 to 250 pieces.  The people at Madsen Wire Products are dedicated, hard working employees with the passion to be the leading wire fabrication company providing quality wire fabricated parts to our customers in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Illinois and throughout the United States, Canada & Mexico. 

Madsen Wire has been in the wire fabrication services business since the 1930’s with a strong production line of wire material handling products.  As much of the wire material handling carts and wire basket business moved to overseas wire manufacturing companies, Madsen Wire found new niche wire fabrication services work in wire bakery shelving and point of purchase wire fabrication.  From there our prototype wire forming and fabricating services grew to Automotive Aftermarket wire products, medical supplies, wire guards for a variety of industries and more. 

The wire fabrication services offered at Madsen Wire consists of:

  • Straightening
  • Wire Cutting
  • Wire Forming
  • Welding which includes resistance welding, MIG/TIG, Mesh Welding
  • Secondary operations of swaging, threading, drilling, chamfering and more
  • Finishes which include plating and powder coating

Our wire fabrication services equipment includes CNC AIM wire benders, many other air operated benders, MEC Wire Benders, Schlatter Mesh Welders, butt welders, press brakes, MIG/TIG

In addition to wire fabrication services, Madsen Wire Products offers tube bending and sheet metal parts to be your full service wire fabrication company.

We understand that there is a variety of wire fabricating companies to choice from and Madsen Wire will work from day one to be your 1st choice in wire fabrication.

Madsen Wire Products: A wire manufacturer that wants to be your 1st choice in wire fabrication.  Contact a knowledgeable Madsen Wire Products professional at 260-829-6561 and let us know how we can meet your design, manufacturing, finishing, packing, and fulfillment needs.

Feature Service or Item

OEM Wire Components

A large portion of the parts fabricated by Madsen Wire Products are OEM Wire Components for Original Equipment Manufacturers.  These customers have been an integral part of our success.  Madsen Wire makes straight and cutoff wire parts with chamfered edges.  We make OEM Steel Wire components with radius bends per customer prints.  Carbon steel and stainless steel wire are commonly used in these parts.  If it is wire, we can form it, straighten it and make it to your needs!

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