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Many years of experience in the design, tooling and manufacture of steel wire fabrication, custom wire forming and wire assemblies has made Madsen Wire Products the time-honored leader to an ever increasing range of American business needing wire products.  The particular demands of each individual customer are meticulously satisfied with fabricated wire products made of high quality steel wire material.   Formed wire products start with understanding the design, creating tooling that will last for short or long production runs, then finishing, packaging and shipping to one location or multiple locations throughout the United States. 

Madsen Wire Products has deep experience in handling unique and/or difficult wire forming and wire fabrication jobs.  As a wire manufacturer for a wide variety of industries and applications, flexibility in handling different requirements per job makes us a valuable asset to our customers.  We specialize in: 

  • wire baskets
  • wire displays
  • wire hooks
  • wire grids and screens
  • wire shelving
  • wire guards for both fans and lights
  • CNC wire forms for all industries
  • custom wire displays
  • wire material handling carts and baskets
  • wire wickets

If you need to fabricate wire products, we will figure out how to make them, economical and sturdy.

We provide countless stainless steel wire forming and mesh welded products to the food handling and processing, grocery and health industries because stainless steel material properties withstand the continuous cleaning needed to keep wire racks, baskets, wire hooks and other utensils sterile. 

Wire products are often used instead of sheet metal because of reduced product weight.   The open structure permits continual air flow, collects less dust while still providing strength of a metal product.

The following pages go into more detail about custom fabricated wire products formed, welded and finished at Madsen. 

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OEM Wire Components

A large portion of the parts fabricated by Madsen Wire Products are OEM Wire Components for Original Equipment Manufacturers.  These customers have been an integral part of our success.  Madsen Wire makes straight and cutoff wire parts with chamfered edges.  We make OEM Steel Wire components with radius bends per customer prints.  Carbon steel and stainless steel wire are commonly used in these parts.  If it is wire, we can form it, straighten it and make it to your needs!

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