A Great Start to a Quality Product- Straightening & Cut Equipment

     It is Madsen Wire Products goal to create quality parts that not only fits your needs, but fits your quality expectations.

The best way to end up with a good quality part is by having quality throughout the entire process. When it comes to grids, screens, baskets, and many other products the process starts around getting a straight clean cut wire. This ensures that these products are dimensionally correct, uniform, and overall well built. Lucky for us we have the capability to easily reach this goal, by simply using the machines we have.

Madsen Wire Products has been increasing its state of the art technology; this is done by restoring and installing new machines. One recent addition to our facility has been a new Lewis 6 in 1 Machine. This machine enables our company to straighten and make precision cuts in one quick process, in wires of many different sizes. It is amazing to watch the machine perform as the tightly coiled wire transforms into straight usable pieces at a desired length. To put this amazing machine into perspective just think of how hard you would have to work to cut and straighten a wire the width of the average pencil, pretty difficult.  It is technologies such as these that help Madsen Wire Products produce your quality parts.

Great Starts = Great Parts.  


The Women of Madsen- Out In The Shop

It’s time for the women at Madsen Wire to get recognized for their hard work out on the shop floor.

One could stop by Madsen on any given work day and be immersed into the hustle and bustle out on the shop floor. Screens are being welded, wires are being cut, frames are being formed, and that is just some of our manufacturing operations. Watching these machines operate so efficiently can sometimes distract us from the workers themselves.

Many of those workers are women. Some have spent years at Madsen, working hard to create products no matter what the day throws their way. These women are always using their strength, in turn strengthening our wire company. Without them our work team would be a team no more.

We are so thankful for these women, not only today, but everyday!