Testing the Best Corrosion Resistant Metal Coating


While regular maintenance is key to combatting corrosion, bare metal products can still face damage from oxidation and corrosion over time. These products rely on protective coatings to maximize performance and longevity.

Learn more about the value of protective paint coatings and how we test our corrosion-resistant coatings to guarantee compliance with stringent standards.

The Importance of Corrosion Resistant Metal Coatings for Industrial Applications

Industrial equipment used in extremely harsh environments requires extra protection. Depending on the application, you may need chip- and scratch-resistant coatings to combat mechanical damage or corrosion-resistant coatings to protect surfaces long-term.

The following are just a few reasons industrial teams opt for corrosion-resistant metal coatings:

  • Protects Against Harsh Environments: Caustic fluids, extreme heat, chemicals, and moisture can accelerate chemical reactions in exposed metal. Corrosion-resistant coatings create a barrier between your equipment and the elements, offering better protection from corrosion.
  • Reduces Maintenance Needs: Corrosion can lead to breakage, cracks, and poor performance. You may see a slow buildup of damage or rapid corrosion that leads to frequent mechanical outages. Adding a corrosion-resistant coating reduces the need for costly repairs and maintenance. This translates to lower labor costs, improved sustainability, and greater operational efficiency.
  • Improves Aesthetics and Brand Image: Corrosion leaves metal surfaces looking damaged and unsightly. A protective coating adds a clean finish to metal, improving the look of industrial equipment and facilities. It can also inspire better care and even improve brand image.
  • Complies With Regulations: Corrosion-resistant coatings may be required in industries that produce consumable goods or where rusted equipment presents a significant danger to nearby individuals. High-quality metal coatings will comply with different tiers of regulatory standards to meet your organization’s exact needs.
  • Promotes Sustainable Practices: Modern advancements allow manufacturers to create metal components without using solvents or extremely hazardous chemicals, reducing environmental hazards and creating a future-friendly option for businesses across industries.

Testing Madsen Steel Wire’s Corrosion-Resistant Metal Coatings

At Madsen Steel Wire, we have a long history of producing quality, long-lasting metal coatings. We conduct thorough testing via a third-party partner to evaluate components’ resistance to damage and ensure that all of our coating products meet the highest standards.

Accelerated Salt Spray Testing Explained

Our team uses accelerated salt spray testing according to ASTM B-117 standards for proper protection against corrosion creep. This method of testing offers rapid results and can be used on a wide range of products intended for interior and exterior applications.

In a recent test, our interior panels received the highest possible score (10 out of 10). We are continually optimizing our protective coating services to maintain our stellar performance ratings across products.

Experience the Madsen Steel Wire Difference: Unmatched Performance in Powder Coating

The team at Madsen Steel Wire offers unmatched powder coating capabilities and painting services. Our corrosion-resistant powder coating meets the following specifications:

  • AAMA 2603
  • AAMA 2604
  • ASTEM B-117

Our durable wire components and custom coatings can be ordered in various glosses or textures and are PFAS-free.

PFAS Free Badge

Contact Our Metal Wire Experts for Premium Corrosion Protection Solutions

Enjoy high-quality protective metal finishes from Madsen Steel Wire. We provide 100% powder-coated products in the United States, along with transparent pricing and quick delivery.

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