Madsen Steel Wire Purchases New Schlatter MG950

Enhanced Production, High Quality, and Quick Turnaround

The Schlatter MG950 is an industrial mesh welding system that produces steel wire grip, mat, and panel products with great speed, flexibility, and quality. The machine is designed to make industrial mesh products of various batch sizes with enhanced efficiency. The MG950 features a vast selection of extra modules, so it’s easily adaptable to different application requirements. It also allows for modular adjustment of the automation level to speed up production. Because of its efficiency and adaptability, the MG950 system is markedly more productive and cost-effective than other mesh welding machines.  

Learn more about the Schlatter MG950 and the benefits it offers to steel wire fabricators.  

Why Is Modularity Important? 

Modularity is the ability to adjust individual, distinct units to achieve specific requirements. In a machine like the Schlatter 

MG950, modularity means you can start with a simple, cost-effective system and add capabilities as more needs arise. 

The Schlatter MG950 mesh welding system can work with precut cross wires and lines, flat profiles, and welding frames that have center bars. With these modular extensions, the MG950 allows for a fully automated production system with little need for manual intervention. It is also ideal for developing and established markets alike, delivering higher-quality products more quickly.

What Are the Key Benefits of the Schlatter MG950? 

The Schlatter MG950 mesh welding machine offers several benefits, including:  

  • Flexibility: This industrial mesh welding machine has two different circuits and highly flexible single welding groups with a width smaller than 50 mm (2.0 in) to produce complex meshes cost-effectively. The MG950 can also weld different wire diameters with different spacing all at the same time.
  • Speed: The MG950 has two independent DC medium frequency circuits and boasts a cycle speed of up to 170 wires per minute. This speed boosts productivity without cascading, which tends to lower efficiency. The machine can also perform 6,000 welds per minute, reducing our lead times on grids and mats to 1-2 weeks.
  • High quality: Mesh welding is increasingly complex, and the demands for precision are high. In the MG950 mesh welding machine, a precise measurement system supports incredibly stable line wire feeds. The correct welding parameters are set by the operating software, which makes it easy to achieve the required quality of the mesh as soon as the first grid is made.  

Additional Features and Characteristics  Schlatter MG950

  • Mesh width: 200-1700 mm (7.9-66.9 in)  
  • Mesh length: 300-4000 mm (11.8-157.5 in)  
  • Line wire spacing minimum: 20 mm (0.8 in)  
  • Wire diameter 2.0-10.0 mm (0.08-0.39 in)
  • Maximum number of line wires: 60
  • 22 electrodes (800 kVA) can fire simultaneously  

Why Should You Choose an Industry Leader Like Madsen Steel Wire? 

Madsen Steel Wire Products is a leading full-service wire manufacturer that supplies custom wire products for clients across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. In an ever-expanding wire market, we have gained widespread renown for our craftsmanship, versatility, quality, and on-time delivery. 

Our motto is “highest quality, fastest delivery” – we prioritizes quality, safety, on-time delivery, and stellar customer service with every project, and our special product design capabilities make the job shop process operate smoothly. We have our own tooling and sample shop for prototype wire fabrication, giving us the ability to innovate and respond to customer requests for samples or prototypes. All our wire products are made in the U.S.A., so you can expect 100% premium quality. 

With the purchase of the Schlatter MG950 mesh welding machine, we will be able to manufacture custom industrial mesh more efficiently than ever before. We continue to offer competitive prices and expert craftsmanship to meet your application requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities, or request a free quote to start your project.

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