Masking Before Powder Coating for Superior Parts

PFAS-Free-BadgeIn powder coating, electrostatic attraction between the metal part and the powder produces an exceptionally resilient coating with virtually no waste. However, certain areas of components, like threaded holes, need to be protected from being coated. Learn more about the importance and benefits of effective masking before powder coating.

How To Prime & Mask for Powder Coating

Masking for powder coating processes protects specific surfaces and areas of parts from being coated. Masking may create a specific appearance, such as a multi-colored coating, or prevent the powder coating from compromising precision fits between parts and other necessary functionality. 

Once a part is cleaned of any old paint, oils, grease, dust, and debris, it is ready for masking procedures. Heat-tolerant tapes or plugs in different sizes and shapes are typically used to cover areas, openings, extrusions, and other features. Parts are sprayed with the powder coating and cured in an oven at high temperatures to permanently bond the coating to the parts. Masking materials are then removed, resulting in crisp edges.

Benefits of Masking Before Powder Coating

The additional step of masking offers several benefits for the final powder-coated products:

Improved Performance and Functionality

Part features that require precise fitting or mating should be masked to maintain their intended functionality. These areas include:

  • Threads
  • Small openings
  • Gasket surfaces
  • Pins and other extruding elements
  • Electrical connections
  • Mating surfaces

Enhanced Aesthetics

Crisp, clean edges on powder coating provide a high-quality appearance to parts. In multiple-color powder coating, such as in decorative elements or around logos, masking is critical to achieve the best results. 

Precision and Tight Tolerances

Proper masking preserves the tight tolerances and precision of parts where needed, such as between mating surfaces.

Madsen Steel Wire’s Premium Powder Coating Solutions for Precise, Quality Wire Parts

metal parts being powder coatedMadsen Steel Wire offers state-of-the-art, in-house powder coating services for wire metal products and sheet metal products. Using PFAS-free coatings, we provide a wide range of standard and custom colors, finishes, and textures to meet your functional and aesthetic requirements. We mask our products with durable, resilient materials to ensure you receive high-quality powder-coated parts with clean lines. 

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