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Pet Store Shelving & Retail

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Economical and sturdy, customizable and chic, your pet store wire shelves aren’t just a way to organize and stack products. They’re a strategy to brand your storefront, stand out from competitors and steer sales, using shelving and product layout to entice the eye and highlight goods with higher profit margins.

It’s a detail too many pet store owners leave an afterthought. Let’s change that.

Whether you’re aiming to increase the turnover of certain products, generate more multi-product batch sales or simply give your store a strategic facelift, there are many advantages to outfitting your pet store with wire grid shelving displays.

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Value of Showcasing Pet Supplies With Wire

With 68 percent of American households having a pet in the family, pet and animal merchandise sure isn’t going anywhere. That’s nearly 85 million households with a Spot, Fido or Fluffy in need of food to eat, toys to play with and health and care supplies to thrive. These households supported an impressive near-$70 billion in revenue for the pet industry in 2017 — and for 2018, those numbers are only projected to rise.

While these figures are encouraging, you as a pet-store owner must do everything in your power to build an enticing, successful store brand that draws repeat customers while maintaining low operating costs.

Pet Store Shelving

Wire displays and wire grid walls have a number of distinct advantages — aesthetic and economical — over other store fixtures. Here’s a look at some of them:

  1. Versatility
    Wire units for pet supplies are a lightweight, flexible yet strong display solution. Madsen Steel Wire Products fashions its shelving out of electro-welded steel rods that have been reinforced for maximum strength and stability. Plus, we can fabricate custom units using these same materials.All this creates a shelving product that is commercially versatile in nearly every sense. Shelves are easily installed and configurable, coming in a range of shapes and sizes that, even at their lightest, can hold and stack most pet products.You can employ these versatile wall shelves in any of the following store areas:

  2. Identification and Interactivity
    Two of the most significant problems in today’s pet store layouts are solved with grid-wall wire shelves: product location/identification and product interactivity.First and foremost, you need customers to find what they came in for. However, you also wouldn’t mind arranging your storefront to entice additional product engagement and conversions, particularly through purchases that complement what a customer is already there to buy.You can’t do either of these things, though, with monotonous shelving. Customers’ eyes get lost when taking in row after row of linear, uniform shelves — known as gondola-style shelving. This is the default layout in most pet stores, filled with standalone units that are all the same height, color and scale.Second, these sorts of standard layouts hardly court product interactivity. You want people to feel confident in their selections. Meanwhile, people want to touch and feel products, pick them up, read their labels and engage before a purchase. Wire units for pet supplies let them do just this.
  3. Flexibility
    Wire grid shelves and walls are highly configurable and customizable. They’re able to display a near-endless rotation of pet merchandise, pet food shelving and keep your storefront looking and feeling dynamic, so customers don’t see the same old displays, time after time.What’s more, because of their strength and durability, you have flexibility on the kinds of shelved merchandise displayed, too. Since wire forms are most often built from carbon steel and stainless steel, they can handle stacks of products in various weights, sizes and shapes. You aren’t relegated to putting the same things in the same store corner just because it’s the only place that can hold that merchandise.
  4. Boost Revenue — and Profits
    It remains an underused strategy how shelving and product layouts can significantly influence consumers and their in-store purchases. Not only that, but perceptions of a store’s likeability and atmosphere can be swayed by something as “simple” as what shelving you have, plus how you’re arranging pet products on them.From driving incremental sales through merchandise swapping to increasing strategic product turnover, wire and grid shelves are a superior fixture to boost pet store revenue. They let you freely and easily install units and reconfigure stock for maximum customer transactions.

wire grid walls used for pet supplies

Wire Grid Walls Used for Pet Supplies

Retail wire grid walls come fabricated from ultra-durable steel or other materials of your choosing. Once formed and welded together to their proper dimensions, steel wires are finished with a scratch and corrosion-resistant coating, making them a long-lasting storage solution for the range of pet supplies you regularly sell — and saving you money, with shelves unlikely to weaken or tarnish.

Stainless steel wires are particularly attractive for wall shelving units. Wire sizes can vary, as petite as 14-gauge to nearly half an inch in diameter (for stainless sizes are 1/8″ – 5/16″), with optional tubing formed up to three inches that can be added to the external diameter.

Any shelf accessories, from individual hooks to hooked shelves to crossbars, will be treated to match their grid-wall base. Overall, you create standout wall displays to highlight and make pet products pop, drawing in customers for higher rates of merchandise engagement and sales. It’s a winning combination — all because you have a modern and refreshing twist on retail pet store shelving.

Types of Wire-Grid Shelving

Part of the wire shelving’s appeal is its range of shapes and sizes. You can have wire shelves fabricated to hang or be mounted on your pet store’s walls in any of the following popular forms:

  • Grid wall panels: In this form, perpendicular rows of horizontal and vertical wires are mounted directly onto a wall. Matching wire hooks or crossbars can be fabricated that allows you to hang merchandise from this gridded wall display.
  • Freestanding grid wall panel: A freestanding version of the perpendicular wire wall panel, this one able to be set up and move anywhere around the store or placed as a point-of-sale display.
  • Grid wall panels outfitted with hook-in shelving: This option is a grid wall panel outfitted with matching wire shelves. You can place rotating merchandise on these welded shelves, or opt for a custom version that lets you lift, move and reconfigure the placement of the shelves themselves.
  • Grid wall panels with boxed shelves/wire baskets: Rather than hang shelves onto the grid panel, you can opt to hang wire boxes and modular wire baskets to hold merchandise. This adds a pop of dimension to your walls sure to grab customer attention.
  • “Stacked” mounted wired baskets: For perhaps the most unique design twist, wire baskets and boxes can be installed straight onto the wall itself, forming a creative type of shelving

Benefits of Grid-Wire Walls for Holding Pet Store Supplies

The competitive advantages of shaking up your pet supply’s shelving types bridge your business interests with those of the customer. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Originality: It bears repeating that many of today’s retail pet stores — especially large ones — court eye fatigue. Research continually points to the importance of display enhancements and aesthetic product arrangements as ways to positively influence consumer behavior. Regarding both merchandise and overall store layout, custom wire grid wall units for pet supplies are an undeniable way to break from the pet store shelving mold and create a more appealing shopping environment.
  • Functionality: Pet tags, pet food, plush toys, dental chews, brushes, beds, bath time and other sanitation products — the list goes on. You have a buffet of pet brands, goods and accessories to sell. Wire grid units give you the functional shelving to do so. They can hold and display nearly any pet store product given the right attachment, plus they have the strength and durability to do so.
  • Convenience: For the shopper, wire grid units better highlight products, giving them a neat and uncluttered stage in the shop. Products are then easier to spot and locate. Similarly, you as the pet store owner have the convenience of easier stocking and storage in a shelving type made for flexibility and functionality.

wire grid walls used for dog leashes

Wire Grid Walls Used for Dog Leashes

Consumers spend roughly 15 seconds searching a shelf for a product before growing frustrated. They’re influenced by a number of things they see — or don’t see, with shelf build, layout and product facings continually cited near the top of what makes or breaks their pet supply shopping experience.

For a product as small yet crucial as dog leashes, wire grid walls are the ideal solution.

With grid paneling as your base and hooks and crossbars outfitting its wires, you can display this essential pet product attractively and creatively. When hung vertically from the grid, you’re also able to showcase dog leashes in a more effective manner. Customers don’t have to sort through drawers, bins or crowded shelves where — at the very least — leashes are bound to get jumbled. This shelving layout can also be achieved through mounted wall grids or standalone units as well — or both, building a real eclectic and enticing display for your store’s line of dog leashes.

Types of Grid Walls Ideal for Dog Leashes

Similar to the array of wire grid shelves for general pet supplies, dog leashes work well on the following wall mounts:

  • Grid-wire displays: Outfitted with matching crossbars or peg hooks to easily hang up and take down leashes.
  • Wall slat grids: Slatwalls are a popular and attractive retail wall covering that contains horizontal or even vertical grooves across its surface. These grooves come designed to hold a wide variety of retail merchandise fixtures and displays — including wire grids.
  • Wire shelving with wire dump bins: Don’t let the word “dump” fool you. Wire displays for dog leashes that include matching wire bins and baskets complete your leash setup and provide an easy, intuitive place for these products to be held without obstruction.
  • Something entirely customizable: Work with a full-service wire product designer and manufacturer to configure the perfect gridwall shelving for your leash products.

Benefits of Grid-Wire Walls for Displaying Dog Leashes

Dog leashes can be a notoriously finicky product to neatly and skillfully stock. They easily tangle, twist and get jumbled in traditional storage areas. You as a pet store owner have higher-level worries then continually re-organizing your dog leash spreads, requiring a wall shelving solution that remedies this for you:

  • Eye-catching: The geometric design brings a balanced yet structured template to layer dog leashes onto. Their range of vertical hooks and shelving attachments are the perfect canvas for this piece of pet supply merchandise and will readily catch customers’ eyes in a way routine, linear shelves simply can’t.
  • Intuitive interlocking design: The grid design of these units can be fabricated by an experienced wire manufacturer to be reconfigurable or stationary, mobile or permanent, with their range of design choices and product-displaying accessories.
  • Fuss-free: Wire displays enhance a product as simple as a dog leash. They aren’t busy and decrease store clutter and distractions. Essential pet merchandise like a dog leash may not exactly get a customer’s heart racing, yet that hardly relegates it to a place of no importance. Wire displays for dog leashes are a fuss and distraction-free display option.

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Grabbing the Consumer’s Attention in Your Pet Store

At the end of the day, you not only want to catch the consumer’s attention when they stop in — you want them to regard your store as the go-to spot for satisfying their pet care needs.

Unique pet store shelving goes a long way to brand your store and promote a positive customer experience. This is precisely what you curate with custom wire grid walls and displays.

  1. Wire Grids Are Unique
    There’s no way around it. Wire grids mounted on store walls catch the eye and highlight draped or stacked products better than traditional grid gondola shelves. They let you hang everything from dog leashes and grooming brushes to plush toys and much more in a creative and novel way.
  2. Wire Grids Better Maximize Store Space
    It’s a formula that results in profit. When you better manage existing shelf and floor space, you’re able to maximize strategic product positioning and space allocation, which gives products some retail “room to breathe.” This then makes them stand out to the customer all the more. Product positioning and space allocation directly correlate with higher sales, generating higher pet-store profits.
  3. Wire Grids Are Cost-Competitive Storage Solution
    Whether you’re a brand-new small-business or a retail operation with years under its belt, you’re always looking for ways to stay cost-competitive. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to balance operational costs through hacking sales simply bymore strategically outfitting your store.
  4. Wire Grids Are Easy to Maintain and Clean
    A clean store is a welcoming store, as is one that’s neat, well organized and full of novel yet functional displays. Shelving plays a huge role in creating this retail atmosphere. Wire shelving goes the extra mile — it’s easy to install, care for and maintain across wall and standing mounts. You may wonder why you didn’t choose to invest in this kind of shelving units all along!

Custom Wire Shelving and Displays for Retail Pet Stores

Your retail success means we’ve done our job, plain and simple. At Madsen Steel Wire Products, we offer full-service wire products, so we’re your complete partner for not only manufacturing retail wire shelving and gridwalls, but also for designing, finishing and shipping straight to you.

We’re a premiere wire forming company for this reason, plus our commitment to see your precise wire product vision achieved. Contact us today for a free quote and custom wire grid consultation.

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