Wire Retail Display Selection Guide: Types & Materials

Wire Retail Display SelectionUse the right metal wire display hardware for all your product display needs. At Madsen Steel Wire, we supply multiple types of metal wire display racks for retailers to showcase products of various shapes, weights, and sizes. Consider these different display options to create the right display rack for retail counters, floors, and POP or window displays.

Metal Wire Display Selection Considerations

Below are six main factors to consider when purchasing or designing metal wire display racks for specific products.

  • Product Type and Weight 

    Determine the size and weight of the individual products or promotional materials you want to display. These measurements are essential for choosing the right display size.

  • Materials 

    Metal wires come in different thicknesses, compositions, and finish options:

    • Wire gauge (thickness): The wire gauge, or thickness, determines the display’s durability and weight capacity.
    • Wire material: Wire displays are typically made of aluminum, copper, steel, or stainless steel. Each metal offers different strengths, weight capacities, and aesthetic appeal at different prices.
    • Finish: Finish options like chrome or powder coating improve the display’s aesthetics and resistance to scratches or corrosion.
  • Available Space 

    Determine the total available length, height, and depth of space available for the new display. Make sure the wire display will fit without overcrowding.

  • Brand Aesthetic 

    Choose display layouts, materials, and finishes that match the retail space’s color palette or product’s branding. Custom retail display graphics should complement the wire display rack.

  • Store Traffic Flow 

    Choose a wire display layout that fits its intended location in the retail space without creating bottlenecks or disinterest.

  • Additional Retail Display Features 

    Depending on the displayed product, consider additional options such as:

    • Casters for easy movement and transport of the display
    • Collapsible assemblies
    • Nesting tables

Countertop Displays Scaled

Types of Retail Wire Displays

Retail wire displays come in a wide range of different layout options and frameworks based on their intended location. Four common types of wire retail displays are floor displays, countertop displays, grid displays, and wire racks.

Floor Displays

These displays sit on the floor and are relatively tall. Types of floor displays include grid panels on which you can hook shelves or baskets and waterfall displays that create a three-dimensional display highlighting specific products. Floor displays can also be made of slatwall panels with detachable wire components configurable for many types of products.

Countertop Displays

These units sit on existing countertops and hold smaller items. Countertop displays include brochure holders, organizers for cosmetics or jewelry, and risers that fill the display space with tiers of products.

Grid Displays

Retailers can customize the layout of wire grid displays by attaching different configurations of hooks, baskets, and shelves onto the grid. Wire grid displays are available in a wide range of sizes and can either stand freely or be hung on a wall.

Wire Racks and Shelving

Wire racks and shelving are standard display hardware that can stand alone or hang on a wall with slatwall panels.


Why Choose Madsen Steel Wire for Your Wire Display Needs?

At Madsen Steel Wire, we specialize in creating long-lasting wire products. Customers trust our products and services for our:

  • American-Made Quality: We manufacture all wire goods domestically in our U.S.-based facilities, guaranteeing high-quality wire forming and bending services.
  • Complete, Custom Wire Display Solutions: We custom-design and manufacture wire display solutions according to our customers’ exact specifications for tolerance requirements, finishes, bend radii, and wire material.
  • Durability: We use high-quality American steel to build long-lasting wire display products. Our powder coating services improve the wire display’s corrosion resistance, further extending its lifespan.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Our wire display solutions are competitively priced and built to be reused through multiple promotion cycles.
  • Fast Turnaround Times: Get the display hardware you need with our fast production timelines.

Built to Last, Built in the USA: Get Your Custom Wire Displays from Madsen Steel Wire

The best wire retail displays are optimized for the products showcased and flexible enough to be repurposed for multiple promotions. Choose Madsen Steel Wire for high-quality wire display products with competitive prices and fast delivery. Contact us or request a quote today to learn more about our capabilities.


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