Wire Part Powder Coating and Other Finishes

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a finish option for carbon steel and other metal components that protects against corrosion and adds years of life. It is fast, economical and cost-effective for applying at scale. Multiple color options allow you to meet your branding and safety requirements while still getting a quality component that meets your specifications.

Madsen Steel Wire offers custom powder coating for all wire products we manufacture.

The Powder Coating Process

The first step in the powder coating process is to remove built-up oils and grime that can compromise the effectiveness of the finish. We do this through a multi-stage cleaning that is customized based on the requirements of the project and the discretion of our engineers. Pre-treatment steps may include using an alkaline-based solution to remove water-soluble oils, an iron phosphate conversion coating to improve adhesion and corrosion protection, or a non-chrome sealer for flash protection.

Once our team has pre-treated the part, they place it on an automated conveyor and apply the powder coating in clean conditions. Then, we bake the part in a gas convection oven with computer temperature control. A powder recovery system collects unused materials, making the entire operation more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Powder Coating Options

Industrial powder coating applications typically use one of two resin bases:

  • Thermoset resin bases, which form a cross-linked polymer network during the curing process that enables them to retain their chemical and physical properties after being heated up
  • Thermoplastic resin bases, such as nylon and vinyl, that melt when excess heat is applied

Within these two main categories, there are many options in terms of color, gloss and texture. We work with many standard products from different suppliers, but we can also create custom coatings if your specifications require them. Contact the Madsen Steel Wire office to learn more about your options.


Powder coating has several potential advantages for wire parts. It lasts long and is applied quickly, without compromising the integrity of the product’s underlying structure. A component treated with the right powder coating will be able to resist long-term exposure to salt and other abrasive conditions, and won’t fade, even when left out in the sun.

Though powder coating is an excellent choice for many general-purpose wire applications, it isn’t the only finishing option we offer our clients. If you wish, we can arrange to have your product electroplated or e-coated, or send it out for additional treatment at one of our partner organizations.

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