Powder Coating

Industrial powder coating is the process of applying a liquid-free pigment to a substrate in a high-volume, large-scale setting. During this process, a layer of fine, colored particles and polymer resin is applied to a metal component and then cured until it hardens. Unlike paint, powder coating is highly wear-resistant and environmentally friendly.

Madsen Steel Wire offers industrial powder coating services for a multitude of wire products in a wide variety of industries. We can create durable and attractive wire components that match your branding and performance requirements.

Industrial Powder Coating Services

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Powder Coating Product Journey

The industrial powder coating process involves three basic steps:

  • Pre-treatment: Clean surfaces are a necessity for obtaining a high-quality coating. During the pre-treatment step, we employ a 5-stage washing process, and special cleaning solutions, coatings, or sealers may be applied to the metal’s surface to prepare it for powder application. We also offer a sand blasting option.
  • Powder application: After all dirt, oils, and grease are removed, the workpiece is electrically grounded and the powder coating is charged. Using an electrostatic spray gun, the electrically charged powder coating is applied to the component’s surface. The powder can be applied in a range of thicknesses depending on application goals.
  • Curing: The final step is to heat the workpiece in a gas convection oven until the powder coating melts and forms a smooth, even finish. To achieve this, the oven temperature must be between 350 °F and 450 °F.

Unlike with liquid coatings, powder-coated products do not need to spend long periods of time drying after applying the coating. After the workpiece has cooled, it’s ready to be packaged and shipped immediately. Our powder coating services are available in a large variety of colors, glosses, textures, and are PFAS free. In addition to offering standard products, we also develop custom coatings if your project requires it. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

Bronson powder coating facility
100,000 sq. ft. powder coating facility in Bronson, MI