Powder Coating Thickness & Salt Spray Testing

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Madsen Steel Wire fabricates metal wire products to meet the quality standards of a variety of critical industries. A key part of our products’ long-lasting durability is our powder coating finishes. At Madsen Steel Wire, we recognize the importance of consistent, high-quality powder coatings, so our team diligently measures the thickness of our coatings and their corrosion resistance. Learn more about the pivotal role testing processes play in the performance of our powder-coated finishes, as well as how they can guarantee compliance with various industry standards.

The Importance of Measuring Powder Coating Thickness

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Powder coatings are layers of fine powder that adhere to the surface of metal products like springs, tubing, sheet metal, wire configurations, and more. Even, consistent coating thicknesses ensure the coating’s quality and application efficiency while keeping costs down. Measuring powder coating thickness ensures it’s both sufficiently thick and consistent across all applicable surfaces. An effective coating protects the substrate from prolonged exposure to corrosive elements.

At Madsen Steel Wire, our powder coating thickness measurement processes are precise, ensuring each of our products has a quality coating thickness that adheres to our clients’ design parameters.

Evaluating Coating Performance With Salt Spray Testing

Powder coatings should protect the underlying metal surface from corrosion and chemical damage during exposure to the elements. A salt spray test puts products under extreme conditions to measure the corrosion resistance and wear behavior of our specialty powder coatings. Completing this test helps our team guarantee the quality and performance of every powder-coated part we deliver.

Meeting AAMA and ASTM Standards

Powder-coated metal products often need to comply with strict quality assurance standards. Under American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) ratings, there are three different tiers of coating:

  1. AAMA 2603: This basic coating should provide adequate protection in indoor settings and withstand 1,500 hours of salt spray without damage.
  2. AAMA 2604: This more advanced level of coating should resist damage in high-traffic applications, such as storefront doors. It must withstand 3,000 hours of exposure to salt spray to qualify as AAMA 2604.
  3. AAMA 2605: This advanced rating is for powder coating that can withstand harsher conditions with frequent exposure to the elements and high levels of traffic. The threshold for AAMA 2605 increases to 4,000 hours of salt spray exposure.

Similarly, high-quality powder coating finishes must meet or exceed ASTM standards. ASTM B117 is the standard for salt spray testing parameters, and it outlines the correct setup for performing the test. The end user of the powder-coated product determines the number of testing hours they deem appropriate for the finished product. Different industries mandate the thickness measurement and salt spray testing requirements necessary for their powder-coated products.

At Madsen Steel Wire, we offer pretreatment and powder coating services that comply with AAMA 2603 and AAMA 2604 requirements for aluminum products. We also provide powder coating for steel products that withstand thousands of hours of exposure according to ASTM B117.

Quality Powder Coating Thickness Measurement & Salt Spray Testing Capabilities

Madsen Steel Wires provides in-house thickness testing for your powder-coated products. For applications where it’s crucial to ensure quality coatings beyond visual observation, our thickness testing is done for every distinct part that comes off the line. Salt spray corrosion testing further verifies the performance and durability of the powder coating. With these testing processes built into the production process, we verify that each part complies with your design specifications and applicable regulations.

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High-quality powder coating films provide thousands of hours of protection against corrosion and chemical damage. Madsen Steel Wire fabricates and powder coats all products in-house from our U.S. facility. This allows us to provide the highest quality products with the fastest delivery. Learn more about our powder coating services, or contact us or request a quote today to get started with your project.

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