Tube Fabrication

Providing Excellent Service Since 1938

Since 1938, Madsen Steel Wire has been providing wire products throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.   At times there is a need to combine wire and tube fabrication to add strength to the wire product or for stability in a display or store fixture.   Madsen Steel Wire is capable of processing 1/2 inch O.D. to 3 inches O.D pipe or tubular product.

Some of the tubular products we have produced include formed tube for the frame of security screens, tubular frame for fan guards, tube fabricated frame for wire guards for fleet outfitting companies.  Madsen produces wire and tube products for point of purchase and store fixtures in the retail environment.

Custom Specifications For Tubular Components

We specialize in understanding the tooling needed to form the tubular components of the lawn and garden equipment parts along with the tooling to make tubular products for material handling.   Each industry and product have specific needs and we listen to the customer’s needs and design, fabricate , assemble and package product to those specifications.

How Tube Bending Works

Tube Bending is the process of taking straight tube and bending into the desired shape.  Although it sounds simple, tube bending can be one of the more difficult metal fabrication efforts.  Tube can be round or square and in many sizes.  Tooling is needed to bend each specific type of tube then you must have some way to support or keep the tube from collapsing when pressure is applied to make the bend.

Tube Bending Capabilites at Madsen Steel Wire Products

Madsen Steel Wire has been making wire products since 1938.  Many times the wire parts we make need some tubular structure along with wire mesh or wire shapes.  Madsen Steel Wire Products has the capability to form the tubular parts needed to go along with the wire formed parts.

From wire guards with straight tube to products with bent tube, or welded tubular products where wire, sheet metal and tube is required, Madsen Steel Wire strives to surpass our customer expectations with superior  tubular products delivered on time every time.  We are committed to do being your 1st choice for fabricated wire and tubular products.  Call us today for a quote at 260-829-6561.

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