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Wire mesh cable trays provide a secure surface for cables to rest on while holding them out of the way of equipment and workers. Made from strong, durable steel, they are a cost-effective solution for organizing and routing cable systems through a building or other structure.

Madsen Steel Wire manufactures custom, welded cable trays for use in many industrial and commercial settings. Our capabilities also include sheet metal and tube fabrication, wire forming and wire welding, powder coating, assembly, and packaging.

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Custom Wire Mesh Cable Tray Solutions

Wire mesh trays are made from a series of perpendicular wires that are welded at each crossing point. This construction makes them strong, rigid, and compatible with many wire configurations for different applications.

Cable trays are an ideal solution for settings that use wiring and cable systems for electricity, connectivity, or other purposes. Their open construction allows for airflow and load-bearing support. Trays are versatile and can be made in many widths and lengths for settings where cables are held above the work area. They also make it easy to keep cables and wires organized and routed correctly through a facility or structure. What’s more, they are an efficient alternative to conduit in general or in situations where it is simply not an option.

Wire Mesh Cable Trays

Notable features of wire mesh construction include:

  • Allows for ample air circulation to keep cables cool
  • Load bearing construction
  • Can cut and assemble wire mesh into different configurations
  • Range of cable tray wire gauges available (14 gauge to ½ inch)
  • Custom tray dimensions
  • Adjustable number of line and cross wires
  • Strong, resistance welded intersections provide rigidity and support
  • Quick and economical manufacturing

Our wire basket cable trays are manufactured to meet your specifications. We can provide:

  • Custom solutions: We will work with you to understand your exact needs and the parameters of the application. Our team of welders and wire forming experts can make an extensive range of sizes, shapes, and grid configurations.
  • Metalworking capabilities that complement wire mesh: Our metal fabrication and wire forming capabilities help us provide complete products that meet your requirements for branch cable runs, cable drops, mounting, and ventilation. Our TRUMPF TruBend Series 3000 press brake allows us to make custom wire and sheet metal components to complement wire mesh trays as well.
  • Premium quality materials: Madsen Steel Wire offers top-quality wire mesh cable trays constructed from premium stainless or carbon steel materials. These metals offer a high degree of durability, corrosion resistance, and aesthetics, making them suitable for use in various environments.
  • Versatile and scalable production: Madsen Steel Wire can fulfill nearly any industrial wire support need. We can provide stock and custom cable trays in small, medium, and large production volumes.
  • Short turnaround time: We use state-of-the-art welding equipment including automated and semi-automated jig, mesh, and press welders. Our equipment includes a Schlatter MG950 wire welding machine, an energy-efficient welder capable of 6,000 welds per minute. This equates to rapid production and shorter lead times for our customers.

How to Choose the Right Cable Tray for Your Application

Choosing the right wire mesh cable tray depends on the details of your intended application, such as:

  • Cable type and quantity/volume
  • Operating conditions and environment (e.g., humidity, temperature)
  • Cable weight
  • Need for expansion or rerouting

Our design engineers can help you select the best wire mesh configuration for your cable tray. Learn more by downloading Madsen’s cable tray guide.

Common Applications of Wire Basket Cable Trays

A wire mesh cable tray is the ideal solution for various installations, including:

  • Network and fiber optics
  • Telecommunications systems
  • Low- and high-voltage electrical installations
  • Delicate instrumentation wiring
  • Control systems connectivity
  • Datacenter wiring systems

Cable trays are ideal when conduit systems are not practical or possible to install. Trays are less time- and labor-intensive to implement, and can be more cost-effective. Cable trays are used in the following industries:

  • Telecommunications and IT
  • Oil & gas refineries
  • Alternative energy production
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Mining
  • Industrial manufacturing

The Madsen Steel Wire Advantage

For over 30 years, Madsen Steel Wire has been a trusted supplier of American-made metal products. Our welded steel wire is used for several types of cable trays: electrical, telecom, and other applications. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and committed to the highest quality in materials and manufacturing. Our team also provides expert packaging and fast shipping from multiple distribution points in the US.

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Our wire mesh cable tray solutions meet a wide range of industrial and commercial uses. In addition to welded wire mesh, our capabilities include metal fabrication, wire forming, powder coating, assembly, and packaging for an efficient, one-stop solution for complete products.

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