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Madsen Wire Products makes wire POP displays for many customers.  You wire POP display can be made custom to meet your specific needs.  Tabletop POP displays, wire racks with wire or tubular hooks are just a few of the wire POP displays we have made.

Madsen Wire can handle large or small projects.  Below are just a few of the products we have fabricated for customers.

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Point of Purchase Display Racks

A variety of industries incorporate display wire racks into their facilities and stores, as they’re useful for several types of point of purchase displays:

wire display for food items

  • Floor
  • Tabletop
  • Aisle
  • Window
  • Counter
  • And more!


If you’re picturing a different application for your shop’s POP display, we can tailor our wire displays to your specific vision and needs.

Customize Your Wire POP Display

Our process for developing a custom wire POP display is simple: listen and learn. We start with an in-depth consultation with your team, learning about your company’s requirements and vision for your wire displays, which allows our designers to provide an accurate and free-of-charge quote before beginning the process of developing prototypes.

As we’re a full-service wire products company, our facility is equipped to produce and manufacture all prototypes and finalized versions of your point of purchase display. Madsen Wire Products also holds an ISO 2001:2015 certification, which verifies the standards of our quality management system and confirms its ability to follow repeatable and scalable processes, thus leading to a consistent production run.

Whether you’re in the U.S., Canada or Mexico, we can provide your company with custom POP wire displays.

Benefits of Standard and Custom POP Displays

For many businesses switching from cardboard to wire display racks, there is a noticeable difference in the quality and benefits, which include:

  • Durable: It’s not uncommon for a metal point of purchase display to be called a “Permanent Display.” Compared to cardboard, metal is far more reliant and robust, enduring the everyday wear-and-tear that comes with setting up a POP display in a storefront, restaurant, grocery store or another busy shop. The longevity of metal POP wire displays often makes them a cost-effective purchase, too.
  • Reusable: While many businesses are forced to throw out their cardboard displays after several uses, shops with a metal display re-use them with ease. If you decide to get rid of your wire POP display, you can also recycle it with confidence or donate it to non-profit organizations, extending the life and use of the screen as well as building a positive, eco-friendly image of your brand.
  • Attractive: With a talented team of designers as well as the capability to apply finishes such as powder coating, we can create a beautiful set of display wire racks for your business. Because of the wide variety of powder coating colors available, we can also develop a custom POP display that’s eye-catching, drawing more consumers to the advertised products. We can make sure they complement your store’s aesthetic, too.

Receive A Free Quote for Your Standard or Custom Point of Purchase Display

At Madsen Wire Products, our company has become renowned for its craftsmanship as well as our commitment to producing and delivering orders on-time. Whether you’re purchasing a standard wire POP display or developing a custom point of purchase display with our team, you can trust we’ll design, manufacture and deliver it to meet your internal deadline.

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