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Point of Purchase (POP) Displays & the Marketing Industry

What Is POP Display Marketing?

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Point of purchase (POP) displays are marketing displays that promote specific products. Typically placed in areas where customers make purchasing decisions, such as checkout areas, POP displays are one of the most effective ways for retailers to advertise and gain new customers. These displays use visually attractive printed or digital materials to capture shoppers’ attention and inform them of the products’ functionality and benefits.

Point of purchase display marketing improves consumers’ in-store experience, utilizing materials that may include:

  • Shelf talkers
  • Posters/Banners
  • Pop-up and interactive displays
  • Product information tags (neck hangers)
  • Recipe booklets
  • Life-sized cardboard cutouts
  • Floor stands
  • Counter displays

POP materials help make products stand out from the competition. Many retailers find POP materials a beneficial marketing tool for increasing customer interaction in their stores, turning customer engagement into conversion.

Madsen Steel Wire’s Competitive Advantage

Madsen Steel Wire makes wire forms, wire grids, and wire shelves for various POP displays. Our American-made wire components are suitable for floor, tabletop, aisle, window, and counter display options. We use advanced machinery such as the Schlatter MG950 to manufacture and assemble durable, reusable wire frames that retailers can then place their products and marketing materials on. These frames serve as the structural skeleton that holds up and displays colorful POP marketing materials. We can powder coat and add built-in hooks to the wire products, which make them adjustable and easy to fold flat during shipping or storage.

We also use the TRUMPF TruBend 3100 bending machine to create long profiles and parts with different bends and thicknesses. With zero interference contours, this bending machine allows us to utilize the full bending length to create custom metal wire POP displays.

Madsen Steel Wire specializes in CNC wire forming, using our advanced computerized machinery to fabricate and weld metal wire products. Our skilled technicians use wire straightening and cutoff equipment, wire benders and welders, air-operated benders, press brakes, hook forming machines, and more to create the wire products you need. We discuss with our customers their choice of wire material, tolerance requirements, bend radii, and finish—then we handle the rest. 

When you purchase POP display products from Madsen Steel Wire, you will get higher-quality, more economical solutions with rapid turnaround times. Compared to our competitors, we command lower steel and other material costs—savings we pass on to our customers. As a result, you can deliver better, more cost-efficient POP displays to your end users.

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How POP Displays Help Market Products

There are many benefits to implementing point of purchase marketing displays, such as:

  • Making a product stand out from other items
  • Satisfying the concerns of prospective customers
  • Providing helpful information about certain products
  • Strategically locating products in a retail setting to maximize sales
  • Cost-effectively creating brand recognition

Types of Wire POP Displays Madsen Steel Wire Manufactures

Permanent Point of Purchase Displays

A permanent POP display, such as a metal wire POP display, offers the durability to last long with proper care and maintenance. The heavy-duty units can also consist of wood, plastics, and glass and are typically larger than other displays, sometimes utilized as smaller kiosks within a store.

Madsen Steel Wire specializes in manufacturing metal wire permanent POP displays for a variety of retail products, such as hardware, batteries, books, and more. Depending on your needs, we can customize them for tabletop, window, floor, aisle, counter, or other display types. We begin with a comprehensive consultation to learn what your end users need, which enables our designers to give a free, accurate quote for the project before prototyping begins. 

Portable Point of Purchase Displays

Portable or mobile metal wire POP displays can be mounted on casters for easy, efficient transport of products. Equipped with casters, these displays can be conveniently wheeled to a different part of the retail environment or safely stored. We produce these versatile, durable solutions for a wide range of industries and applications.

Semi-Permanent Point of Purchase Displays

Often made of sturdier materials, a semi-permanent POP display can vary in size, ranging from countertop displays to elaborate aisle units. Most semi-permanent displays are used for luxury or high-end products to showcase quality. Gourmet food items, liquor, and electronics are a few products that benefit from this type of display. They usually last for several months and can display several products simultaneously, providing a longer-lasting aesthetic.

Metal wire semi-permanent POP displays in particular can be reused for multiple promotions, as their components are adaptable and modular.

Benefits of Metal Wire POP Displays

Metal wire point of purchase displays are reusable, adaptable units that can last many years with the right maintenance and care. These effective in-store marketing displays contribute to an immersive customer experience. Their advantages include:

  • Durability: Compared to cardboard or plastic displays, metal wire displays can endure assembly and wear in grocery stores, restaurants, auto shops, storefronts, and other busy retail locations. Because of their longevity, metal wire POP displays are a cost-saving investment over time.
  • Reusability: While businesses must often discard plastic or cardboard displays after a short period of use, they can reuse metal POP displays for multiple promotions year after year. 
  • Aesthetics: With finishing options such as powder coating, metal wire POP displays improve the appearance and perceived quality of your display. You can customize metal wire displays with eye-catching designs and other materials to draw attention to promoted products.

Powder Coating for POP Displays

At Madsen Steel Wire, our commitment to excellence shines through our cutting-edge 5-stage stainless steel powder coating booth. Our state-of-the-art facility operates at peak efficiency, allowing us to facilitate rapid color changes without disrupting the production line. Not only can we pivot to a new color seamlessly, but we also clean the booth while it’s in operation, further reducing lead times for our valued customers.

What sets us apart is our dedication to environmental responsibility. Our powder coating for POP displays is proudly PFAS free, reflecting our proactive stance in eliminating harmful chemicals. We adhere unwaveringly to our core principles of delivering rapid, top-quality powder coating services without any compromises.

As your one-stop shop for POP displays, we handle every aspect of your project, significantly reducing turnaround times in addition to our already swift delivery. With Madsen Steel Wire as the sole company overseeing your project, you can count on consistently high-quality products delivered in record time. We also collaborate closely with our customers to ensure we meet their specific needs and requirements. Our experienced team creates visually appealing, high-performing powder-coated products that withstand even the most challenging conditions, from extreme temperatures to long-term salt exposure.

How to Choose a Wire Point of Purchase Display Manufacturer

When selecting a wire POP display manufacturer, there are several factors to consider:

  • wire shelves produced by Schlatter 1Lead times
  • Quality
  • Product weight and size
  • Transparency
  • Design flexibility and control
  • Ease of assembly, disassembly, and transport

An attractive point of purchase display can result in higher sales, but a poorly developed unit can fail to make an impact or even damage customer perception of the brand. To avoid these mistakes and create a winning display, POP display assembly companies should work with wire manufacturers like Madsen Steel Wire, who can supply high-quality, cost-effective wire POP display components on time to meet your footprint or other needs.

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