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Since 1938, Madsen Wire Products has been one of the leading producers of custom wire racks for a variety of industrial clients. Our products include wire storage racks, wire display racks, bakery racks and freezer racks, as well as steel shelving and storage solutions for warehouses, courier vans and other applications. Leveraging our extensive experience and in-house fabrication capabilities, we are a proud partner to anyone who needs custom wire racks of any kind.

Benefits of Wire Racks

Wire racks are lightweight, durable and inexpensive. We make our products from premium materials including carbon steel or stainless steel ranging from .080″ to .50″. Thicker wire is stronger and capable of holding more weight, whereas lighter gauge materials are less expensive.

The specifics of your application will determine the best wire for the job. One of the benefits of working with Madsen Wire Products is that we can consult with you in the design stages of a project and recommend the best type of wire for your needs.

Potential Applications

Use our custom wire racks in any situation where shelving or storage is required. Smaller wire racks are ideal for applications such as displaying items in a retail store, bakery or supermarket. Larger racks can form the basis of an industrial storage and shelving system, holding heavier items such as tools, packages and more.

From warehouse spaces to corporate office buildings, wire racks and shelving are at home in a diverse cross-section of business environments.

Installation Options

Our custom racks are designed to your exact specifications, making them easy to install. We also offer standalone products with optional casters for go-anywhere convenience, as well as knock-down shelving units that come apart for storage when not in use.

If you need shelving to store smaller components that would otherwise slip through the gaps in a wire rack, we can provide a plastic or sheet metal inlay that will further expand the list of potential applications for our products.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Based in Orland, IN, Madsen Wire Products’ 45,000 square foot manufacturing facility is fully equipped to handle any fabrication request. We can quickly turn around large or small orders based on your specifications.

In addition to wire forming and tube bending, we have automated and semi-automated welding, cutting and CNC machining equipment that speeds up the production process without compromising quality control. After completing a wire rack assembly, our team can plate, powder or vinyl coat your purchase based on your specifications, or perform any other additional assembly work required for your application.

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