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When you need a solution for protecting valuable equipment such as spotlights, clocks and electronic components, wire cage guards are an increasingly popular choice in a broad range of applications. At Madsen Steel Wire Products, we focus on delivering cost-effective solutions that completely solve your metal wire cage guard needs. From high school gymnasiums and municipal playing fields to construction sites and industrial facilities, we’re capable of developing products built to your unique specifications.

The Benefits and Uses of Protective Cage Wire Guards

A single, accidental impact to a valuable piece of equipment can lead to extensive damage and potentially dangerous conditions. Whether they’re used to shield fire and life safety equipment, sensitive electronics or control consoles, quality wire cage guards provide unparalleled protection while allowing for complete access and functionality. Our wire guard products are exceptionally strong to protect against stress and will maintain their look and durability for years to come.

Madsen Steel Wire Products is an OEM manufacturer offering wire products for use in all different types of facilities. We’ve provided everything from traditional and digital clock guards to bell and thermostat guards for schools, public facilities, office buildings, shopping malls and other important locations. Whether you need to protect fire alarms, smoke detectors, emergency lighting, exit signs, PA speakers, overhead lights or shot clocks, we can make wire guard cages with the perfect fit.

Custom Metal Wire Cage Guards

Why settle for a generic solution when you can have a product tailor-made to meet your requirements? At Madsen Steel Wire Products, we set ourselves apart from the competition by offering superior quality and the ability to design protective cage wire guards to completion. We will assist in analyzing your needs to custom manufacture a product including finishing, coating and plating, painting and assembly to your specifications.

Partnering With Madsen Steel Wire Products

As the premier wire company serving a diverse range of customers across Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky and the Midwest, Madsen Steel Wire Products strives to make finding the solutions you need as quick, easy and affordable as possible. We produce wire cage guards for commercial businesses, public and private schools and many other organizations. We are also an original equipment manufacturer capable of delivering tested, proven and fully developed products scalable to your needs.

We offer:

  • Professional and informative staff available to answer all your questions and concerns
  • Premium quality wire guard products meeting strict ISO 2001:2015 quality standards
  • The ability to work with businesses, industries and organizations of all sizes and types
  • Customer service dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations

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We’ve built a reputation in the custom wire manufacturing industry for providing the right combination of versatility, craftsmanship, attentive service and on-time delivery. Whether you’re looking for protective wire cage guards or any other custom wire, tube and sheet metal products and services, we’re a single, convenient source for everything you require.

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