Wire Shelving for Bakery and Grocery Store Industries

The bakery and grocery store industries require functional, durable, and aesthetic storage solutions. In these applications, sturdy, food-safe steel wire creates long-lasting products. Whether you’re looking for a food production-related product or an attractive display for customer-facing areas, Madsen Steel Wire can develop a cost-effective and reliable solution.

Considerations for Deciding on Shelving and Storage Solutions

Bakery shelvingWhen selecting the most appropriate wire products for your retail environment, two of the most important factors to focus on are style and durability. High-quality materials along with expert design and fabrication are essential for obtaining functional, long-lasting solutions. Wire retail displays and fixtures from Madsen Steel Wire come in many sizes, shapes, and colors, allowing you to get exactly what you need.

Bakeries, grocery stores, and other retail businesses need solutions for storing and displaying merchandise. This is often accomplished by adding shelving units to retail areas to ensure products are visible and easy to access. However, some types of shelving are not well suited for retail use and are better suited for storage than customer-facing areas. Understanding different types of retail shelving is an important aspect of purchasing effective storage solutions.

Types of Wire Store Shelving We Offer

Using wire forming and mesh capabilities, Madsen Steel Wire rapidly fabricates wire rack displays, rolling bakery racks, special refrigeration shelves, dump bins, mountable shelving for open-top coolers, and more.

Using our new Schlatter MG950, we weld wire three times faster than traditional methods. This brings us enhanced turnaround capabilities and rapid production for grocery store and bakery wire products and improves final product quality. Our wire solutions for grocery store and bakery environments include wire shelving, wire forms, and wire mesh grid products.

Wire Shelving Solutions

wire shelving for a storeMadsen Steel Wire is a leading producer of custom wire shelving for many industrial clients. Our shelving products include bakery, oven, and freezer shelves, stainless steel shelving, and a variety of storage solutions.

Benefits of our wire shelving include:

  • Wire racks are highly versatile, durable, economical, and hygienic
  • Constructed using premium carbon and stainless steel to withstand all types of challenging environments, year after year
  • Steel is resistant to scuffs and damage
  • Built to withstand a wide range of weight, from a few pounds to hundreds of pounds
  • Minimal surface space ensures there’s less dust buildup and maximized airflow
  • Removable to easily change storage configurations

Wire Mesh Grids

Madsen Steel Wire fabricates steel wire panels expertly and cost-effectively. Constructed using carbon or stainless steel, our grids are highly versatile, rigid, and manufactured according to your specifications. Whether you need a lightweight solution or something more heavy-duty, we can deliver the most suitable solution.

One common application of our wire mesh grids is retail slat walls. Slat walls allow hangers and hooks to be interchangeable, enabling you to change your display look in a matter of seconds. Wire mesh grids are effective for hanging packaged products for display in grocery stores and bakeries. Our wire grids can be fabricated using our new Trumpf Trubend 3000 press brake machine.

Wire Forms

Wire form in a storeIf you’re looking for a custom wire parts company with the flexibility and expertise to create any wire forms you need, Madsen Steel Wire has the solutions you’re looking for. Some of our wire form products include:

  • Wire pastry bag holder. These are custom-made wire parts used to hold open pastry bags and keep multiple bags ready for easy use while decorating cakes or cookies. We produce this product in lots of 500 at a time.
  • Custom wire racks. These lightweight, versatile storage solutions are made from reinforced, electro-welded steel rods and carefully sourced casters. We also produce custom wire racks for bread.
  • Retail displays. We create many types of custom displays, including floor, tabletop, and window displays, as well as wire parts that can be inserted into slat walls to display products.
  • Wire hooks. Wire hooks are used as literature holders, to store signage, or as hat holders.
  • Others. Other specific wire forms we can manufacture include store signage, hat holders, literature holders, and more!

What are Some Common Bakery and Grocery Store Applications that Madsen Steel Wire Serves?

Our wire forming and mesh capabilities allow us to quickly manufacture bakery and grocery store steel wire products. Madsen Steel Wire’s new Schlatter MG950 wire welding machine and Trumpf Trubend 3000 wire bending machine help us deliver high-quality products to customers more quickly. Some of the most common products we create for these industries include:

Bread Racks

Electro-static powder-coated bakery bread racks from Madsen Steel Wire facilitate the easy movement of baked goods. Equipped with strong casters to smoothly transfer over uneven or rough surfaces, these racks effortlessly transition from the kitchen to the front of the store for display.

Benefits include:

  • Customizable in every dimension
  • Shipped as-is, no setup required
  • Wire construction ensures minimal required cleanup, with less surface area to collect crumbs and dust
  • Adjustable transport trays are included
  • Fast turnaround times

Wire Baskets

Used in grocery stores as well as bakery refrigerators, wire baskets offer benefits such as:

  • Time savings. Create a well-organized space and reduce time spent looking for what you need. Wire baskets make spills easier to clean since food products are neatly contained.
  • Free up space. Perfect for collecting smaller foods or miscellaneous items, baskets create more space-efficient storage, freeing up extra room in freezers and refrigerators.
  • Easy rearrangement. Lightweight and easy to move, wire baskets are perfect for collecting frequently moved items. Food can even be washed inside the baskets and then returned to storage with minimal hassle.

Bakery & Grocery Store Solutions from Madsen Steel Wire

Madsen Steel Wire creates 100% American-made products using 100% American steel. Our grocery store and bakery-related products offer exceptional quality and fast delivery. Using our new Schlatter MG950 for welding, we are now able to get products to our customers faster than ever before. To learn more or get started on your custom wire solution, contact us today.

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