Madsen Wire Products Locations

Madsen Wire Products has been in business since 1938 to customers in the State of Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky and throughout the Midwest.  The wire products we make are shipping all over the United States, Canada and Mexico.  The majority of industries we serve are listed below:

Commercial Restaurant Equipment, Bakeries and Grocery Stores – we make shelving including special refrigeration racks, bins, wire racks for displays, screens, grids and more.

Original Equipment Manufacturers in the Automotive, Industrial, Lighting, Lawn & Garden, Utility Tractors and more making guards, grids, grills, handles, screens, racks and rings

Point of Purchase and Marketing making store displays, racks and custom wire forms

OEM Applications for Wire Products

Throughout our more than eight-decade history, we’ve built lasting partnerships with OEMs across the country. By collaborating with a variety of sectors within the OEM industry, from automotive and utility tractors to industrial and lighting to lawn and garden, we’ve designed, molded and manufactured metal and wire products to conform to a series of applications.

Lawn and Garden Wire Product Applications

In the lawn and garden market, companies use our wire products in the following ways:

  • Fence Panels: For many nurseries as well as hobby farms, wire fencing products are essential. We produce fencing panels in seven-foot sections, offering a solution for deterring pests and predators. The panels are also useful for decorative purposes.
  • Hooks: Another use of our products is as extension hooks. If you’re a garden center, nursery or other landscape-related business, extension hooks are ideal for hanging chimes, birdfeeders and baskets outdoors, as well as bearing garden hoses, extension cords and other products in a tool shed.
  • Baskets: Our custom wire services also let us create innovative and durable designs, such as hanging baskets for plants. These baskets feature the unmatched strength of our welded wire fencing panels, ensuring they can bear the weight of thriving annuals and their soil.
  • Supports: Another application of our products is as a trellis for climbing plants, such as strawberries. We can also design and manufacture garden supports in different shapes and sizes, such as rounded, to meet your needs

Utility Tractor Wire Product Applications

We’ve developed several products for utility tractors, including protective side, rear, panel and cab screens, which prevent damage to you and your equipment from rocks, hail and other materials. Learn more about what our designers can create for your machinery by contacting us.

Lighting Wire Product Applications

Frequent uses of our products in the lighting industry include the following:

  • Fixtures: Whether your building features ceiling, standing, wall or floor fixtures, our team can develop an attractive and durable wire mesh lampshade design for your store, restaurant, theater and more.
  • Shelves: If you’re creating an attractive, eye-catching display with the use of light, our team can design a set of premium-quality shelves to complement your product and lighting arrangement.
  • Guards: We offer customized light guards that can be used for a variety of industries including stadiums and factory buildings

Automotive Wire Product Applications

We design, manufacture and finish several types of wire products for the automotive industry, including safe and durable metal racks for automotive production lines. Because we’re a full-service provider, our team can also apply a variety of powder coating colors to meet your company’s preferences.