Benefits of 5-Stage vs. 3-Stage Washing for Powder Coating

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The powder coating process benefits from a pretreatment that takes place via a 3-stage or 5-stage wash. The pretreatment process delivers a smoother, cleaner surface for the powder coating to adhere to the surface. There are several extra advantages to choosing the 5-stage wash process over the 3-stage wash process. Here is an overview of […]

Custom Metal Wire & Wood POP Displays

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Madsen Steel Wire manufactures custom complete metal wire POP displays that can be integrated with different types of wood components. Our custom metal displays are high-quality and can help you promote your products effectively. We manufacture both the wire components and metal tubes for the display, and can even provide various types of wood. The […]

Madsen Steel Wire | Wire Mesh Capabilities & Specifications

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At Madsen Steel Wire, we strive to expand our capabilities and expertise so we are always ready to provide the precision wire products our customers need. With this commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, we have expanded our custom wire mesh capabilities by adding the Schlatter MG950 industrial wire welding system to our equipment lineup […]

Madsen Steel Wire | Wire Shelving Capabilities & Specifications

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As a full-service manufacturer of custom wire products, Madsen Steel Wire provides custom wire shelving products to customers in a diverse range of industries. Our steel manufacturing experts are capable of rapidly creating wire shelves that are as attractive as they are durable, building them to the exact specifications of our clients. Our new Schlatter […]

Best Options for Walk-in Cooler Storage Racks

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Walk-in cooler storage racks are a crucial component for everything from bakeries and grocery stores to cleanrooms and hospitals for safely storing and moving cold goods. Madsen Steel Wire offers the best custom storage racks in the wire manufacturing industry, with full-service solutions for clients. Our team handles each project from design and tooling through […]

What is a POP Wire Display?

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Point-of-purchase (POP) wire displays offer an effective tool for convincing customers to buy your product in a retail setting. By increasing the visibility of your product, these displays can raise brand awareness and generate more revenue for your business. Here, we’ll discuss POP wire displays, including what they are, the various types, and their many […]

Automotive POP Display Manufacturer

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From car parts to accessories, the automotive industry has a wide variety of products that need to be showcased in a way that captures customers’ attention and drives sales. At Madsen Steel, we specialize in creating custom wire parts for automotive POP displays, setting the foundation for you to create effective displays that make it […]

Madsen Steel Wire Purchases New Schlatter MG950

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Enhanced Production, High Quality, and Quick Turnaround The Schlatter MG950 is an industrial mesh welding system that produces steel wire grip, mat, and panel products with great speed, flexibility, and quality. The machine is designed to make industrial mesh products of various batch sizes with enhanced efficiency. The MG950 features a vast selection of extra […]

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