Choosing a Steel Wire Manufacturer: Key Considerations

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Ensure Quality, Meet Deadlines, and Stay on Budget: Your Guide to Selecting a Steel Wire Manufacturer. Steel wire is essential to numerous industrial and commercial applications. This versatile wire offers durable strength and good corrosion resistance to provide reliable, lasting solutions for diverse markets. While material selection is important, choosing the right steel wire manufacturer […]

Bonded vs. Non-Bonded Powder Coating for Metal Products

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Powder coating is a dry finishing technique that applies a layer of polymer resin and colored particles to a workpiece surface, serving both protective and aesthetic purposes. An alternative to traditional liquid paint, which uses solvents for adhering the material to metal substrates, powder coating uses a chemical bond or an electrostatic charge to bind […]

Masking Before Powder Coating for Superior Parts

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In powder coating, electrostatic attraction between the metal part and the powder produces an exceptionally resilient coating with virtually no waste. However, certain areas of components, like threaded holes, need to be protected from being coated. Learn more about the importance and benefits of effective masking before powder coating. How To Prime & Mask for […]

Powder Coat vs. Paint: Choosing the Best Metal Finish

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High-quality metal finishes protect metal surfaces from the elements and wear. Color finishes can also give metal components an aesthetically pleasing appearance that lasts for years. There are two main types of metal finishing processes for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications: painting and powder coating. Take a closer look at the differences […]

Commercial & Industrial Powder Coating Applications Guide

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Powder coating is an advanced technique for applying a protective yet decorative finish to nearly any type of metal. The powder used in the process is a combination of finely ground particles of resin and pigment, which is applied to a metal component and then cured until it hardens. The resulting coating is durable, uniform, […]

Benefits of 5-Stage vs. 3-Stage Washing for Powder Coating

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The powder coating process benefits from a pretreatment that takes place via a 3-stage or 5-stage wash. The pretreatment process delivers a smoother, cleaner surface for the powder coating to adhere to the surface. There are several extra advantages to choosing the 5-stage wash process over the 3-stage wash process. Here is an overview of […]

Custom Metal Wire & Wood POP Displays

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Madsen Steel Wire manufactures custom complete metal wire POP displays that can be integrated with different types of wood components. Our custom metal displays are high-quality and can help you promote your products effectively. We manufacture both the wire components and metal tubes for the display, and can even provide various types of wood. The […]

Madsen Steel Wire | Wire Mesh Capabilities & Specifications

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At Madsen Steel Wire, we strive to expand our capabilities and expertise so we are always ready to provide the precision wire products our customers need. With this commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, we have expanded our custom wire mesh capabilities by adding the Schlatter MG950 industrial wire welding system to our equipment lineup […]

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