Commercial Steel Shelving and Accessories for Commercial Kitchens

Madsen Steel Wire is a leading manufacturer of high-quality wire products for customers across a range of industries. Our specialty lies in providing original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with precise wire products and parts customized to meet their specifications. With over 85 years of fabrication experience, Madsen Steel Wire has a long-standing track record of providing some of the best wire solutions available. Using our high-quality OEM wire parts, our customers benefit from unmatched durability and reliability with every product.

Learn more about the wire shelving, racks, and wire form products we provide for OEMs of commercial kitchen equipment, ovens, pantries, walk-in coolers, and much more.

Expertly Designed and Manufactured Wire Formed Products

Wire shelving in a restaurant refrigeratorAt Madsen Steel Wire, you can find the right OEM parts for your application. Our wire shelving and wire form products are custom-designed and manufactured to meet the precise specifications of our customers.

Our products come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and dimensions based on our customers’ needs. Customization options include:

  • Materials: We use welded stainless steel or carbon steel rods to reinforce the product’s stability. To make our wire shelves portable, we assemble them with carefully sourced casters.
  • Colors: We offer black, gray, and white powder coating options for use in moisture-laden environments. Chrome plating finishes and electropolishing are also available.
  • Storage weight capacity: We can create shelves that hold a wide range of weights.

All the materials in our commercial kitchen wire products are food-grade and safe to use in these facilities. Our CNC wire-forming machines can form nearly any shape or part, whether you require simple hooks, mesh-welded parts, or other complex fabrications. We offer a high level of consistency and precision with every order, ensuring your equipment has the reliability and durability you need.

Wire Shelving for Commercial Kitchens

Our wire shelving and racks are ideal for use in many types of commercial kitchen setups, such as:

Wire Oven RacksCold Storage

We provide multiple shelving options for use in cold storage facilities. These products include shelving for coolers, refrigerators, and freezers.

Oven Racks

We also offer oven racks that work in industrial ovens for the placement of pans and baking dishes in ovens when baking. Using these racks, you can keep dishes centered within the oven. Easily remove and replace racks by sliding them in and out, and rearrange them as needed to make more space in your oven.

Underbar Refrigeration Shelving

This type of shelving goes behind bars in refrigeration units, normally for storing alcoholic beverages. Using this shelving, you can store more beverages in your refrigerators and replace the shelving that came with your refrigeration unit.

Wire Products for Commercial Kitchens

Madsen Steel Wire offers a multitude of wire products for use in commercial kitchen spaces. Our list of products that incorporate wire shelves, wire forms, and wire mesh includes but is not limited to:

Wire bottle holder

  • Grill racks
  • Plate racks
  • Drip grates
  • Bottle holders
  • Large wine bottle racks
  • Wine glass holders
  • Sink grids and caddies
  • Kitchen trolleys
  • Commercial dishwasher racks
  • Commercial drying racks

To create a sanitary surface that’s safe for food handling, we manufacture products with electropolishing or powder coatings.

If you need another type of product, our engineers work with you to customize an ideal design for your needs. We can form almost any wire form or shape, including wire mesh containers, covers, grids, baskets, and carts. To mount or install them in your equipment, we fabricate hooks, latches, handles, hangers, and more based on your requirements.

One type of custom product we make are wine racks, which go into chest-style coolers behind bars. The racks allow you to maximize product storage in your coolers and are specified by dimensions and mounting style to fit your equipment perfectly.

Benefits of Partnering With Madsen Steel Wire

Partnering with Madsen Steel Wire offers numerous advantages, including:

  • High repeatability to consistently meet quality standards and deliver products quickly
  • Customization options to meet the end product’s needs
  • Reliable part performance that reduces potentially expensive downtime and maintenance
  • Specialized expertise in designing and manufacturing wire shelves and wire form parts to optimize the performance of the final assembly
  • We command lower steel and other material costs than our competitors – meaning we pass those cost savings on to our customers

Interested in a product you don’t see? Our engineers will work directly with you to manufacture the products you need.

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Mobile dish rack for kitchensWhen you turn to the experts at Madsen Steel Wire, you’ll benefit from reliable and consistently high-quality, high-performance OEM parts. We pride ourselves on offering “Highest Quality, Fastest Delivery,” with production capabilities that create wire shelving and wire products with fast turnaround times. All products are 100% made in America, ensuring you receive consistently high-quality products with every order.

To find the right heavy-duty commercial steel wire products for your application or to order a custom product, contact us today.

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