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From OEM wire components, small wire form parts, wire racks, wire guards, security barriers & screens, wire baskets and material handling carts made of wire, tube and sheet metal.

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Our Quality Statement

Assurance From The Beginning

Madsen Wire Products gives the quality assurance that from design through production, we will provide  long, lasting performance and service to our customers.  From the delivery of the highest grade raw material to the factory through tooling, production, finishing and packaging, each customer part is carefully handled and subjected to rigid quality control inspections.

When the finished product reaches its destination, you can be assured of quality, long lasting performance.  That is the Madsen commitment – to you, ourselves and the industry we represent.

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Wire Fabrication at Madsen
Wire Part Powder Coating and Other Finishes
Madsen Wire Products

Our manufacturing process:

Design & Engineering
Sheet Metal Fabrication
Wire Fabrication
Tube Fabrication
Powder Coating
Assembly and Packaging

Design & Engineering

Madsen Wire Products is an advanced wire fabrication services provider providing custom wire forming for all products. We are dedicated to helping our clients succeed, no matter what industry they’re in. Since our founding, we have expanded our offerings to meet customer demand.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Many of our wire products contain fabricated sheet metal components. Typical sheet metal components may include shelving inlays, brackets and more. Sheet metal fabrication is performed in-house or, for larger or more complex projects, through our sister organization Noble Industries. Both facilities are capable of forming and shaping sheet metal with a high degree of consistency and quality control.

Wire fabrication is one of our core services.

We can manufacture products ranging from lightweight baskets to heavy-duty shelving for use in industrial applications. An investment in advanced equipment and staff training has positioned us as a leader in this sector. We work with materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum, ranging in size from .080” to .50”.

Pipe/Tube Fabrication

For projects requiring a more durable construction, we offer a full range of pipe and tube fabrication services using materials between ½” OD and 3” OD. We can also combine wire and tubing to create items such as security screens with a tubular frame and wire mesh interior. To form these and related products, we use advanced CNC machinery that can bend and shape pipe and tube components with exceptional accuracy.

Powder Coating and Finishing

Powder coating adds durability and corrosion resistance to wire, tube and sheet metal products. We offer a limitless range of custom powder coating options, including different colors, materials, textures and thicknesses. Using a multi-step process, we deliver superior results by ensuring each piece is cleaned beforehand, and coated in sanitary conditions using advanced spray technology. Other finishing options include electroplating, vinyl coating and e-coating.

Assembly and Packaging

Our goal is to be your complete turnkey provider of custom wire manufacturing services. Extensive in-house welding capabilities allow our team to join together different parts and components to bring your product to life. Once we have completed assembly, we can drop ship your product directly to your customers. From our headquarters in Orland, IN, we are positioned to serve clients throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Madsen Wire Products is the Premier Wire Company in the Midwest

Over 70 years of experience has lead Madsen Wire to be the premier custom wire company  of carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire and aluminum wire fabricated parts for an ever increasing range of American businesses.  When evaluating  wire companies, the ability to handle prototypes and large production runs to multiple destinations must be considered.  Madsen Wire is a world class wire company with wire forming, wire mesh welding and many other services to customers throughout the United States, Canada & Mexico.   Our fabricated wire products cover a wide range of applications and industries from OEM wire components, small wire form parts, wire racks, wire guards, security barriers & screens, wire baskets and material handling carts made of wire, tube and sheet metal.

History of Madsen Wire Products

Madsen Wire was founded as a wire company with unique wire, wire mesh and expanded metal baskets and containers.   We specialized in custom wire material handling solutions known at that time as “Rugged Jax Wire Mesh Containers”.  Over the years our expertise as a stainless steel wire company helped us grow with in the grocery and bakery markets.  Today we can also use our stainless steel wire capabilities to handle projects for medical and dental companies. Along with our wire forming, we offer tube forming, miscellaneous sheet metal parts and plating or powder coating services so that our customers can receive “one-stop” processing.  We’re proud of our broad capabilities in both short and large production custom wire fabrication and wire forming.  As a custom wire  company, most of our customers recognize our proficiency in the processing of  1/2” diameter wire to 14ga and also our 4” and smaller tube production.

Diversified Wire Fabrication Company

Our long history in wire forming services has helped us become a leading wire company in Indiana and the Midwest.  Our wire manufacturing expertise enables us to hold precision tolerances for every item we produce.  We keep our industry knowledge and equipment technology up-to-date so our customers consistently receive the highest quality wire and tube products to precise customer tolerances.  Like many wire companies our wire fabrication equipment starts with straight and cut off machines and then includes the latest CNC Aim Wire Benders, CNC press brakes, shears, saws, CNC tube benders, welding both manual MIG & TIG as well as production mesh welding and spot welding.  Madsen Wire Products offers quality finishing with our world class powder coating or plating services.  Our packing and shipping department gives excellence to every project!  As a Midwest wire manufacturing provider, we also ship our products throughout the United States.

Madsen Wire Products: A Steel Wire Company With Skilled And Sound Execution

At Madsen Wire Products, we seek to exceed your expectations with the most skilled and sound execution possible.   This allows you the freedom to focus on your core competencies, fostering customer growth without the restriction of manufacturing constraints and large capital investment.  You can count on us to deliver wire products when you need them, how you need them.

Contact a knowledgeable Madsen Wire Products professional at 260-829-6561 and let us know how we can meet your wire product needs.

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