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Madsen Steel Wire provides custom sheet metal fabrication to complement our wire manufacturing services. We can perform small jobs in-house or outsource larger work. Either way, we’ll turn around any custom sheet metal fabrication request quickly, and to a high standard of quality.

Potential Applications

Our metal wire products can serve as durable, high-strength sheet metal frames. Sheet metal is used to create solid shelving inlays for storing smaller loose items. It is also excellent for fabricating enclosures and safety guards around dangerous tools and appliances. Often, our products use custom sheet metal components such as a bracket or other piece of hardware when an off-the-shelf part won’t do.

Manufacturing, warehousing, food and beverage, and retail are just a few of the industries that rely on our custom sheet metal fabrication capabilities to create innovative working solutions that streamline their productivity.


Sheet metal is easy to work with and form into various shapes and sizes. It is a cost-effective material for machining and prototyping, and it is readily available in a range of configurations and thicknesses.

Different sheet metals have different material properties. Some are better suited for some applications than others. Carbon steel is strong and economical. Aluminum is lightweight and corrosion resistant. Stainless steel offers the strength of carbon steel and the durability of aluminum, but it is heavier.

One of the main advantages of working with an experienced sheet metal fabrication company like Madsen Steel Wire is that we can help you assess your needs and recommend the best material for any wire product, and the best way to process it, to achieve your desired results.

Working With Sheet Metal

There are many options for fabricating sheet metal. Our experienced operators can form individual workpieces by press brake or tube bending, roll forming or wire forming, or by using progressive dies for punching, blanking and notching. Other available fabrication options include laser cutting, while various welding services are used to join components together.

We use sophisticated CNC machinery to automate the manufacturing process, allowing our team to produce a high volume of components in a short amount of time. We can also accommodate short run or one-off fabrication requests.

Your Partner for Expertise and Excellence

Madsen Steel Wire’s and Noble Industries’ manufacturing facilities are both ISO 9001 certified for quality management. Madsen Steel Wire has been in business since 1938, while Noble Industries traces its roots back to 1970. Both organizations are committed to excellence, sharing resources and expertise to serve our customers better.

Contact us first for all your sheet metal and wire fabrication needs. We are happy to provide free quotes as well as more detailed consultations on any project or engineering issue. Call 260-829-6561 or email our office to get started today!

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