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The industrial manufacturing industry fabricates products from raw materials, creating output that enables further mass production in other industries. Industrial manufacturing is heavily involved in producing simple household appliances to industrial-use packaging, glass, fixtures, and other components.

Every industrial manufacturing operation shares one common goal: to deliver goods and services in a cost-effective, timely fashion. Madsen Steel specializes in fabricating various wire products to meet this objective. Learn more about the products we offer and their common applications. 

What Does Madsen Steel Manufacture for Industrial Applications? 

At Madsen Steel, we provide wire fabrication for diverse industries, such as automotive, lighting, industrial, kitchen, recreational, lawn and garden, and more. Some of our main product offerings include wire forms, wire mesh grids, and wire shelving.

Wire Forms 

Wire FormOur CNC wire forming equipment can produce nearly any type of wire shape or part, from hooks to complex fabricated pieces welded together. We make custom wire-form products for different customers, including food processing facilities, grocery stores, restaurants, and OEM suppliers. Some examples of wire forms we produce include:

  • Retail displays 
  • Vehicle security screens
  • Wire cages 
  • Wire pastry holders 
  • Wire racks 

Wire Mesh Grids 

Grid PartitionWire mesh grids protect people and property in both industrial and commercial settings. Madsen Steel fabricates steel wire mesh grids to fulfill our customers’ security, safety, display, or other requirements. We can make:

  • Data center enclosures
  • Machinery guards 
  • Retail slat walls
  • Service windows
  • Storage lockers 

Wire Shelving 

We produce a variety of custom wire shelving to meet our customers’ specifications. Our steel wire racks are economical, durable, and hygienic, suitable for warehouse freezer shelves, bakeries, ovens, and other storage solutions. Different racks are available to carry a few pounds to hundreds of pounds of weight while maximizing airflow.

What Are Some Common Manufacturing and Industrial Applications That Madsen Steel Serves?

OEMs need to work with suppliers who understand their needs. Madsen Steel Wire Products is proud to meet the unique requirements of OEM markets with our wire fabrication expertise. With long-term partnerships with OEMs, we have in-depth knowledge of our customers’ functional and technical requirements and can deliver quality products on time regardless of order size.

In addition to wire shelving, wire mesh grids, and wire form products, some of the additional products we make include:

  • Rod latches
  • Levelers for small tool boxes and truck bed tool boxes
  • Drying shelves/racks
  • Baskets for cleaning, transportation, and part handling

Why Should You Choose Madsen Steel Wire Products for Your Industrial Needs?

At Madsen Steel Wire Products, we have built our reputation on expert craftsmanship and commitment to on-time deliveries. Our advanced facility can fulfill work orders from 500 to 200,000 pieces. Our extensive logistics network allows us to ship quickly across the country, whether you have one or multiple delivery locations. With competitive shipping rates, we can accommodate rush orders and quick turnarounds.

With over 80 years of experience, we offer wire fabrication, tube fabrication, sheet metal production, assembly, welding, packing, and powder coating to meet diverse customer needs. Our full-service capabilities allow us to offer convenient turnkey solutions for clients in different industries across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Quality Wire Fabricated Products From Madsen Steel Wire Products 

Wire fabrication is a crucial industrial process for products across many industries. At Madsen Steel Wire Products, we provide 100% made-in-America wire fabricated products that meet our customers’ exact needs. For premium-quality fabricated wire products, contact us today.

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