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Various types of vehicles require added security measures to protect drivers, passengers, and cargo. At Madsen Steel Wire Products, we can provide automotive aftermarket steel wire parts for use in fleet management solution vehicles. From window grills and steel wire partitions to security screens and more, we can deliver the wire components you need for added safety and protection.

What Are Some Common Applications Madsen Serves in the Automotive Market?

Public safety has been a hot topic for the last few years, with incidents such as a rise in violent crimes, the emergence of COVID-19, and a decline in the goodwill toward police. Patrol vehicles are used every day for police transportation and the transport of prisoners and equipment. Because of this, police cruiser vehicles are equipped with rugged seats, vinyl floor coverings, spit shields, and wire mesh partitions to create a barrier or “cage” around prisoners and equipment.

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To serve this need, Madsen Steel Wire Products provides this market with safety mesh partitions and other automotive security products. We also offer protective screens and barriers for use in fleet vehicles to protect drivers in the cab area from shifting cargo when the vehicle is in transit. Any fleet vehicle or commercial van carrying loose or heavy cargo should have a partition to protect drivers and passengers. Our full mesh wire partitions offer maximum airflow and visibility, and their recessed design enables complete adjustability of the front seats without limiting storage space.

What Does Madsen Manufacture for Automotive Needs?

Madsen Steel Wire Products can supply a wide range of automotive aftermarket wire parts to ensure optimal protection and financial security. Whether you need wire partitions for law enforcement vehicles, cargo van partitions, or otherwise, Madsen Steel Wire Products can meet your fleet management solution needs. Our products include:

Vehicle Security Screens

We are an industry-leading provider of quality aftermarket automotive solutions. Our custom wire components can be used as security screens for driver/passenger protection as well as grid inserts for added safety. Our safety partitions are commonly used in police cruisers and taxis to protect personnel.

Custom Wire Grids

We use high-quality guards to manufacture custom wire grids used on several products and transportation applications.

Custom Wire Cages

We can manufacture custom wire cages that come with extra strength, durability, and security in any application.

Security Barriers for Commercial Vehicles

Madsen can provide security barriers for use in various commercial vehicles. These barriers separate the cargo area from the cab to protect drivers and passengers from shifting cargo. Security barriers are especially useful when transporting loose or heavy cargo.

In addition to the products listed above, Madison can also manufacture maximum visibility window guards.

Why Should You Choose Madsen Steel Wire Products for Your Automotive Applications?

At Madsen Steel Wire Products, we have created a reputation for quality, craftsmanship, versatility, and on-time delivery. On top of our superior wire fabrication and manufacturing capabilities, we can also provide our customers with tube fabrication, sheet metal parts, powder coating, welding, assembling, packing, and distribution services.

With advanced machinery and over 80 years of experience, Madsen Steel Wire Products can create durable, long-lasting wires and supports to ensure optimal performance. To meet our customers’ various needs, we offer hardware packs that include everything needed for easy installation of barriers.

Our full-service capabilities enable us to provide complete solutions for customers across a range of industries. We serve markets in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, and our streamlined product design and manufacturing processes allow us to complete orders ranging from 500 to over 200,000 wire parts.

Automotive Wire Components from Madsen Steel Wire Products

At Madsen, we can provide a range of wire security screens and partitions to meet the needs of the automotive industry. If you need quality wire racks and partitions for police cruisers, cargo vehicles, and more, Madsen has you covered. For more information about our capabilities for the automotive industry, contact us today or view our latest eBook below!

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