Lighting Industry

The lighting industry is responsible for providing a wide range of commercial lighting fixtures and components for facilities of all kinds. Manufacturing plants, offices, stores, hotels, hospitals, government buildings, streets, and various other locations rely on quality commercial lighting to adequately perform daily tasks, often requiring lights to be operational on a 24/7 basis. At Madsen Steel Wire, we offer wire forms, grids, and guards to meet the needs of the lighting industry.

What Does Madsen Steel Wire Manufacture for Lighting Applications?

We offer the following products to support the lighting industry:

Wire Forms

Wire formsMadsen Steel Wire specializes in producing custom wire forms to meet the needs of various applications. Our CNC wire forming equipment can create nearly any wire shape or part. From simple components to more complex parts, we can fulfill nearly any customer request, offering custom wire parts such as hooks, latches, hangers, handles, mesh containers, and much more. 

Specifically for the lighting industry, our hooks can be used for light guard attachment. We can also make rings to form cylindrical or circular light guards.

Wire Mesh Grids

Wire Mesh GridsMadsen Steel Wire has the know-how and tools necessary to create steel wire panels effectively and affordably. We can assist you whether you need a lightweight part or something more robust. Our wire mesh grids, which we produce to match your requirements, are flexible, rigid, and made of carbon or stainless steel for optimal durability. Wire guards and grids can be used to cover and protect simple flat rectangular or square lights.

What Are Some Common Applications of Madsen Steel Wire Products in the Lighting Industry?

Approximately 85% of information that people get comes from their sense of sight. Proper lighting improves maximum output and creates a more comfortable, conducive work environment. It can also minimize workplace accidents by making moving machinery and other equipment easier to see while reducing eye fatigue and headaches.

Madsen produces the following premium wire form and wire mesh grid products for auto garages, kitchens, gyms, and other rough service environments: 

  • Stadium Lighting Components
  • High Bay Wire Guards
  • Dock Light Grills

Why You Should Go With Madsen Steel Wire for Your Lighting Applications

Madsen Steel Wire Products is known for its craftsmanship, versatility, quality, and dedication to completing and delivering orders on time. Some custom wire manufacturers limit themselves to only wire fabrication, but Madsen Steel Wire begins as a wire manufacturer and will finish jobs with sheet metal parts, assembly, tube fabrication, welding, powder coating, packing, and distribution of our customers’ products. With more than 80 years of expertise and cutting-edge equipment, we produce sturdy supports and wires that guarantee our wire products endure for many years. 

Our full-service capabilities allow us to provide comprehensive solutions for customers across various industries. Serving consumers in Mexico, the U.S., and Canada, we have optimized our design and production processes to fulfill orders ranging from 500 to more than 200,000 wire parts, all made in the USA.

Choosing Madsen is Choosing Quality

Madsen Steel Wire specializes in producing custom wire forms, wire mesh grids, and guards to suit various lighting applications. With a commitment to quality and on-time delivery, we can provide a range of wire products and other services to deliver a turnkey solution that meets your particular needs. For more information about our products for the lighting industry, contact us today.

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