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Industrial and manufacturing facilities need to ensure the safety and security of personnel, equipment, and supplies. Wire mesh is a versatile option for building strong and durable cages, partitions, and machine guards for these purposes. Mesh can be used to protect work cells, block access to delicate or dangerous machinery, secure areas from unauthorized access, or direct the flow of traffic around robotics and automated machinery. It also creates a dependable barrier without blocking light, sound, or airflow.

Madsen Steel Wire is a one-stop custom fabrication of welded wire mesh for security cages, machine guarding fence, and safety partitions for industrial and other applications. Additional capabilities include sheet metal fabrication, wire forming, wire and tube fabrication, welding, and powder coating.

Read on to see the advantages of welded wire mesh for cages, guards, and partitions, and how they enhance safety and security in many settings. 

The Benefits of Madsen Steel Wire Mesh Machine Guards & Cages

Welded wire mesh is an easily customizable solution for machine guarding panels, wire security cages, industrial safety fence panels, partitions, and more. Wires are arranged in a grid pattern and are resistance welded at each intersection to create a stable and durable wire mesh.

Wire machine guards and fencing have several benefits: 

  • Superior Security & Visibility. Welded wire mesh provides security without compromising the visibility of personnel or equipment. It is lightweight and installs easily.
  • Customizable Solutions. Mesh panels can be custom-fabricated in several configurations, gauges, and grid sizes. They can be used on their own or incorporated into gates, doors, and other structures with metal bars, tubes, and sheet metal. Madsen uses TIG, MIG, and butt welding to create a complete finished product that meets your requirements.
  • Built to Last. Robust wire mesh cages, fencing, panels, and partitions are made from heavy wire that is resistance welded to withstand bumps and collisions from daily use as well as greater forces from sledgehammers.
  • Materials. Wire mesh cages, partitions, and guards are made of high-quality, US stainless steel and carbon steel for long service life and minimal maintenance.
  • Product Finish. Powder coating, plating, and electropolishing are available for corrosion resistance, visual appeal, and durability. 

Our Additional Wire Capabilities

Madsen Steel offers comprehensive wire capabilities and value-added services, including:

  • Design & Engineering. We provide experienced engineering and design support to help you reach project goals.
  • Wire Fabrication. Fabrication operations can include wire and smaller tube production in addition to sheet metal components. With these capabilities, we can create strong, long-lasting wire mesh components to suit many commercial and industrial applications.
  • Welding. We use automated and semi-automated welding equipment to create welded mesh panels, as well as butt welding, TIG, and MIG welding processes for fabrication using sheet metal and tubes.
  • Powder Coating. Our efficient three-step process includes pretreatment/washing, applying a liquid-free pigment and polymer mixture, and heat curing for durability and aesthetics.
  • Assembly, Packaging, and Shipping. We offer assembly services as well as packaging items into secured bundles, cardboard or wooden boxes and cartons, or pallets. We maintain a reliable logistics network for delivery to single or multiple locations, rush deliveries, or customer pickup.

Common Applications of Wire Mesh Cages & Partitions

Our wire mesh solutions can be used in many industrial and manufacturing applications, including:

  • Wire Mesh Security Cages. Industrial cages protect equipment, tools, and delicate or valuable materials during everyday operations and downtime. Specialized use of an industrial wire cage may include a warehouse security cage, robotic work cell perimeter, computer data center security, or even product storage in retail or wholesale facilities.
  • Machine Guarding Mesh Panels. Wire mesh machine guarding is durable and strong, making it ideal for safeguarding personnel from hazardous materials and moving equipment. A machine guard panel system may be small enough to surround a single machine or workstation, or extend around a bank of machines to create zones. 
  • Wire Mesh Partitions. Partitions control the flow of traffic around equipment or through a hazardous work area, or compartmentalize different operations within a facility. Wire mesh partitions are used for industrial safety fence installations, dividing large spaces into areas for staging versus finished products, or blocking access to parts of a facility.

All of these configurations of industrial machine guarding, wire partitions, and security cages can be used individually or grouped into systems that facilitate efficient workflow, maintain organization, and encourage safety compliance.

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Since 1938, Madsen Steel Wire has been a trusted, full-service steel wire manufacturer. We supply custom wire mesh cage assemblies and panels for safety and security applications in many industries and are ISO 9001:2015 certified. We also provide wire forming, fabrication, powder coating, packaging services, and expert engineering support.

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