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A leader in welded wire mesh products, Madsen Steel Wire offers a variety of wire welding techniques and equipment for our customers’ needs. We have the experience and capability to handle large production orders. Learn more about our wire welding capabilities and the benefits of working with us.

Madsen Steel Wire Products Welding Capabilities

Whether your project needs mesh welding, TIG or MIG welding, butt welding, or foot spot welding, Madsen Steel Wire can fulfill your request. Using automatic and semi-automatic equipment, we are capable of welding wire products to meet your production volume requirements.

State-of-the-Art Welding Equipment

Our state-of-the-art welding equipment includes:

  • Schlatter MG950 welder
  • MIG/TIG welders
  • Rocker arm welders
  • Butt welders
  • T welders
  • Press welders
  • Mesh welders
Self automated

The design and features of all our welding equipment assure flexibility and short set-up times.

Production Capacity

Madsen Steel Wire has the capacity to handle all your welded wire mesh needs. In an ever-expanding market, we have gained widespread recognition for our quality, versatility, craftsmanship, and on-time delivery from our 45,000-square-foot facility. We provide fabrication, welding, powder coating, assembly, packing, and multipoint distribution of the wire products our customers need. These extensive capabilities ensure we can handle large orders, prototypes, and regular production runs with ease.

Welded Wire Mesh Features & Applications

Welding wire mesh involves perpendicular wire strands that are resistance welded at each intersection. With a uniform grid pattern and clean appearance, welded wire mesh products are an economical and versatile solution across many industries.

At Madsen Steel Wire, our wire mesh welders work in conjunction with our state-of-the-art T welding, MIG and TIG welding, and butt welding processes to create complete products. Common applications include:

Welded Wire Mesh Features & Applications

  • Grates
  • Racks
  • Point-of-purchase displays
  • Architectural grilles
  • Partitions
  • Baskets
  • Water screens
  • Guard screens
  • Aggregate screening
  • Machine guarding
  • Security and detention

Welded Wire Mesh Benefits

Due to their versatility, welded wire mesh can be fabricated to meet exact specifications. Wire mesh products from Madsen Steel Wire provide numerous benefits, including:


  • Durable and robust construction: Welded joints create a rigid and robust structure ideal for load-bearing applications such as commercial kitchen racks and point-of-purchase displays.
  • Strength and stability: Welded mesh doesn’t sag or distort, ensuring consistent shape and performance.
  • Lightweight, easy installation: The lightweight welded wire mesh construction is easy to handle and facilitates convenient transportation and installation.
  • Cost-effective and low-maintenance: Welded wire mesh is a low-maintenance, cost-effective solution that is easy to clean and repair.
  • Customization options: Welded wire mesh can easily be cut and assembled into various configurations to provide solutions for unique requirements. Built of steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, and many other materials, these products are suitable for a variety of uses and environments.
  • Numerous applications: Wire mesh is ideal for applications in construction, retail, automotive, industrial manufacturing, and more. Specific uses depend on the mesh’s material, size, and wire size.

Contact Our Experts for Premium Welded Wire Assemblies

Madsen Steel Wire offers fast delivery on premium welded wire assemblies, 100% made in the USA. Our cutting-edge automated and semi-automated welding equipment allows us to manufacture symmetrical grids, frames, and other assemblies. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified to deliver consistently high-quality products and services to our customers every time you work with us. Contact us today to learn more about our welded wire mesh solutions.

Madsen Steel Wire Products Welding Capabilities

Our welding capabilities include welding with individual welding stations for MIG or TIG welding, foot spot welders, butt welding and mesh welding with Schlatter welding technology and Ideal mesh welding.   The attributes and design of all our welding equipment assures flexibility and short set up times.

Madsen Steel Wire Products has the experience and capability to handle large and small orders, prototypes and regular production runs.

If you are interested in any of our welded wire products, Contact Madsen Steel Wire at 260-829-6561 for more information about our services.  

Other Welding Processes

Madsen Steel Wire has the capability to MIG/TIG, spot weld and butt weld to complete all your welded wire assemblies.

Below are just a few wire parts that required welding:

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