Assembly / Packaging

Assembly, Packaging, and Logistics

When you purchase custom wire products from Madsen Wire Products, you get the best quality, versatility and craftsmanship. Our involvement doesn’t end with just designing and creating the products you need. We also assemble, package and ship your order to make sure you get a great experience from start to finish.

Design and Engineering

Our process begins by helping you design and engineer your custom wire products. This process includes everything from production to shelving. We can help you select materials and even provide value-added services such as assembly and packaging. We understand that every project is different. That’s why we use innovative wire customization approaches to fit your needs, whether the product is for a grocery store or the pet industry.

Wire Product Packaging

Madsen Wire Products can assemble and package your custom wire products. All you need to worry about when you receive your package is taking the product out of the box. Packaging your wire correctly can save money in inventory and production costs if your wire is easily stored and ready for use during production.

While uncut wire usually gets stored on a reel or spool, a prepared wire product such as a hook, rack or basket requires a different type of packaging. We’ll make sure that any product you buy gets packaged to meet your production and user requirements.

Based on the products you purchase from us, we offer special packaging, including:

  • Small, steel-banded bundlesPalletization
  • Additional steel bands for bundles
  • Cardboard Cartons
  • Heavy Duty Cardboard Boxes
  • Palletize
  • Wooden boxes
  • Paper- or plastic-wrapped bundles

Ways to Ship

At Madsen Wire Products, we have a large network of logistics providers that help us ship around the country. We ship to single locations or multiple locations based on your needs. If you’re sending a product straight to a customer or another business, we have a blind ship option, so customers see only your information. We can also provide shipping as needed.

We understand that your custom wire products may need special shipping considerations. That’s why we offer a variety of options based on your request to make sure your order gets there safely and efficiently. Here are a few of our delivery options and perks:

  • Flatbed or enclosed semi-trailer (tarped and weather-proofed on truck)
  • Rush orders
  • Competitive delivery rates
  • Customer pickup

When you order from Madsen Wire Products, we handle everything from your wire product assembly to shipping. If you require a unique shipping or wire product packaging solution, contact us, and we can work with you to promptly handle your needs.

Custom Wire Products

Madsen Wire Products was founded in 1938 and continues to work with a variety of industries and sectors today. We provide wire design and engineering services for products such as custom wire parts, wire hooks, wire baskets, wire racks and more. We use innovative engineering and design solutions to tailor every project to our clients’ needs.

Don’t let complex packaging and shipping scare you out of ordering custom wire products. Madsen Wire Products will make sure you get the materials you need and will find a wire product assembly solution for you. Contact a knowledgeable Madsen Wire Products professional at 260-829-6561 and let us know how we can meet your wire product needs. Request a quote today to get started on creating your own custom wire products.

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