Best Options for Walk-in Cooler Storage Racks

Walk-in cooler storage racks are a crucial component for everything from bakeries and grocery stores to cleanrooms and hospitals for safely storing and moving cold goods. Madsen Steel Wire offers the best custom storage racks in the wire manufacturing industry, with full-service solutions for clients. Our team handles each project from design and tooling through manufacturing and on-time delivery. If you’re considering walk-in shelving for your organization, there are multiple types to choose from based on your specific application.

Types of Cooler Storage Racks

Madsen Steel Wire offers an array of options to fulfill your diverse shelving needs.

Shelving for Walk-in Coolers

We offer walk-in cooler shelving suitable for multipurpose use in moist or dry environments. Designed for easy installation in your unit, these commercial-grade shelves can adapt to your facility’s changeable requirements.

Wire Racks for Cold Storage

Choose from a selection of mobile wire rack solutions based on your cold storage unit, with Madsen Steel Wire’s versatile shelving for coolers, refrigerators, and freezers. We build all of our steel shelving for rugged industrial applications and daily use, applying electro-zinc plating, powder coating, or epoxy coating to resist rust and general corrosion from humid or moist environments. Also, polyurethane casters on the base facilitate simple, stable movement. Our shelving allows for easy goods transport to and from your cooler, or you can use these as long-term solutions for more permanent storage.

Custom White Wire Shelving

We also manufacture custom white wire shelving for rugged, everyday use in industrial environments. It’s ideal for transferring refrigerated or frozen products into and out of walk-in coolers. These racks feature corrosion-resistant electro-zinc plating to deter rust and base-mounted polyurethane casters for optimal stability.

What to Consider When Picking Wire Shelving for a Walk-in Cooler

When selecting shelving options for your walk-in cooler, here are some considerations to help you make the right choice:

  • Cooler type and dimensions. Even when racks are built to the appropriate height, width, and depth, they still may not attach correctly or have an optimal fit if you don’t take unit type into consideration. Depending on its design — like cabinet- and trunk-style refrigerators, for example — your cold storage unit may have specific attachment considerations for shelving. 
  • Cooler layout. Determine the necessary walking areas within your cold storage unit before choosing shelving. Once you understand your desired set-up, you can select custom wire shelving to facilitate movement and give employees easy access to stored goods.
  • Weight capacity. Your operation may require shelving that supports stock exceeding 800 lbs, and such weights demand durable, quality construction and rugged materials. Stainless steel is optimal in wire shelving applications for its strength.
  • Wire size. In addition to material type, the size of cut wire also influences shelving’s weight capacity. Larger wire sizes can support greater weights, so smaller ones should be reserved for lighter-weight tasks. Experts can help determine which wire size is right for your application.

Benefits of Wire Walk-in Cooler Storage Racks

Wire walk-in cooler storage racks offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Superior strength. Depending on the type, unit dimensions, and wire size of your shelving, the right wire rack installation can support weights totaling hundreds of pounds. Before loading your shelving, review the manufacturer’s specifications for maximum load capacity.
  • Versatile, changeable layouts. At Madsen Steel Wire, we design our products to make it easy for you to add, take out, or reconfigure shelving within your storage unit so that it can meet your changing needs.
  • Opportunities for finishings. Steel wire walk-in cooler display shelving comes in several different finishes to suit your application. Superior to many alternate materials, we can coat our wire racks with zinc or powder to safeguard against corrosion and chemicals or use bio-resistant finishes to maintain clean environments in medical storage units.
  • Minimal maintenance. Given the available coatings and resistance capabilities, our products have low maintenance demands for longer use in cold storage environments.

Walk-in Cooler Storage Racks From Madsen Steel Wire

Custom walk-in cooler shelving will give you what you need to properly support and store cold storage goods in your facility. At Madsen Steel Wire, we’ve built a reputation since 1938 as a leading custom wire manufacturer focusing on superior craftsmanship and versatile, aesthetically pleasing solutions. Our shelving can hold 600 to 800 pounds on each shelf for optimal storage and organization, and it’s available in various size and color options. We also ensure consistent high quality through our ISO 9001:2015 certification and have fast delivery.

Contact us today to learn more about our wire shelving products and find the right solution for your cold storage environment.

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