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At Madsen Steel Wire, we strive to expand our capabilities and expertise so we are always ready to provide the precision wire products our customers need. With this commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, we have expanded our custom wire mesh capabilities by adding the Schlatter MG950 industrial wire welding system to our equipment lineup –  the only one in the western hemisphere. This cutting-edge machine allows us to manufacture steel wire panels cost-effectively and efficiently.

Constructed from stainless or carbon steel, our wire mesh grids are rigid, versatile, and made to our customers’ specifications, whether it’s for light- or heavy-duty applications. Learn more about the features, specifications, and capabilities of the Schlatter MG950 and what this means for our customers.

How Customers Benefit from Madsen Steel Wire’s Advanced Manufacturing Equipment

Madsen Steel Wire Mesh Capabilities InfographicThe Schlatter MG950 allows us to achieve better results in less time. We pass along these efficiencies to our customers in the form of:

  • Reduced Costs: The energy-efficient Schlatter MG950 uses a small fraction of the electricity needed by other systems, requiring only about 1/30th as much power, while production efficiencies require less time and labor costs.
  • Improved Quality: Precision measurements and automated feed and welding controls result in exceptional quality from the start.
  • Shorter Lead Times: The Schlatter MG950 can simultaneously perform welding and trimming on two different frames at two different power levels with different wire gauges and spacings.  Production is 25% faster than other systems, secondary finishing requirements are reduced, and our customers get their products quickly. 
  • Increased Productivity: In addition to parallel operation, the automatic loading, feeding, and trimming capabilities of the Schlatter MG950 speed up production. It’s capable of working more hours of the day and producing more welds per minute than most other systems.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: The Schlatter MG950 saves more energy while improving output. Our customers receive high-quality products that make less of an environmental impact, supporting their sustainability initiatives.

Wire Mesh Specs

Madsen Steel Wire can create a wide range of products with varying specifications. Below, you’ll find our range of dimensions:

  • Maximum Dimensions: 66.9” by 157.4” (1,700 by 4,000 mm)
  • Minimum Dimensions: 7.87” by 13.8” (200 by 350 mm)
  • Wire Diameters: from 0.079” to 0.394” (2.0 to 10.0 mm)
  • Mesh Lengths: from 11.81” to 15.74” (300 to 4,000 mm)
  • Mesh Widths: from 7.87” to 66.92” (200 to 1,700 mm)
  • Line Wires: up to 60 line wires with a minimum spacing of 0.78” (20 mm) center to center
  • Cross Wires: up to 200 cross wires per minute with a minimum spacing of 0.78” (20 mm) center to center

Wire Mesh Capabilities

Welded wire grids add safety, security, and functionality in countless industries and environments where they are installed. The extensive capabilities of our Schlatter welding system and other wire mesh fabrication equipment enable our team to quickly design and produce wire mesh panels and assemblies to meet your needs and precise requirements. Our wire mesh panels offer the durability and strength necessary to maintain their functionality and appearance for many years to come.

Wire Mesh Applications

Sturdy wire mesh panels can be installed to protect workers and vulnerable equipment from damage, injury, or other hazards. Applications include:

  • Service Windows: Wire service windows protect personnel working in enclosed spaces with open windows. They can be safely closed and opened, enhancing security and visibility while limiting access.
  • Machine and Equipment Guards: Machine guards improve safety around potentially dangerous machinery while maintaining airflow and accessibility.
  • Data Center Enclosures and Server Cages: In offices or warehouses, data center enclosures give workers a safe place to meet and share data while keeping equipment well-ventilated.
  • Cover and Protection for Lights: For simple, flat rectangular or square lights, wire guards and grids can be used to cover and protect lights.
  • Retail Displays: Wire mesh panels can be used as wire grid shelving and slatwall panels for versatile, easily-adjusted product displays.
  • Storage Lockers: Wire mesh lends itself perfectly to locker enclosures for secure storage in communal spaces such as apartment buildings and mesh shelving for gyms, schools, employee break rooms, and other locations.
  • OEM Applications: Our wire mesh products have numerous applications for OEMs, such as drying racks and baskets for part handling.

Top Quality Wire Mesh Products from Madsen Steel Wire

Trust Madsen Steel Wire for all your custom wire mesh needs. Home to our new Schlatter MG950 wire welding machine, our 45,000-square-foot facility is capable of meeting the unique requirements of short and long production runs of high-quality products made with 100% American-made steel. Contact our team to learn more about our custom wire product capabilities.

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