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As a full-service manufacturer of custom wire products, Madsen Steel Wire provides custom wire shelving products to customers in a diverse range of industries. Our steel manufacturing experts are capable of rapidly creating wire shelves that are as attractive as they are durable, building them to the exact specifications of our clients.

Our new Schlatter MG950 wire welding machine supports Madsen Steel Wire’s commitment to quality craftsmanship. Learn more about the features, specifications, and wire shelving capabilities of the Schlatter MG950 and what these benefits mean for our customers.

Customers Benefit from Advanced Manufacturing Equipment

Madsen Steel Wire Shelving Capabilities infographicMadsen Steel Wire has a reputation for providing our customers with the quickest possible turnaround by using the most advanced manufacturing equipment in the industry. Our Schlatter MG950 wire welding machine allows us to be the fastest producer of high-quality wire shelving. 

Capable of producing up to 6,000 welds per minute, it’s the fastest wire welder ever built, and as of early 2023, we’re the only company equipped with the Schlatter MG950 in the western hemisphere. Our lead times are now even faster, ensuring customers receive their custom wire shelf units in record time.

This new equipment underscores Madsen Steel Wire’s commitment to continuously improving quality and staying ahead of technology trends in our industry. The Schlatter MG950 welding system enhances product quality and boosts productivity, providing us with greater control and automation of our assembly process. 

Because the Schlatter MG950 requires less maintenance than conventional systems, it can run longer throughout the day to complete even the largest production runs with ease. For our customers, these benefits culminate in improved steel wire products like our customizable wire shelving solutions—all produced here in the U.S. using 100% American steel.

Wire Shelf and Wire Rack Specs

Our Schlatter MG950 welding system can produce highly complex wire shelves in a wide range of dimensions. It enables us to accommodate a wider range of custom wire shelf designs that are important to our customers. 

Our fabrication process is dramatically simplified and honed for tighter tolerance levels. Madsen Steel Wire’s shelf and wire rack dimension ranges are:

  • Maximum Dimensions: 59.45” by 64.57” (1,510 by 1,640 mm)
  • Minimum Dimensions: 7.87” by 13.8” (200 by 350 mm)
  • Wire Diameters: 0.079” to 0.394” (2.0 to 10.0 mm)
  • Minimum Crosswire Spacing Center to Center: 0.787” (20 mm)
  • Smooth Edge: Cutting Angle (70° to 90°)
  • Cross Wire Overhang: 0.03” (7.62 mm)

Numerous industries consider wire shelves the most effective storage option, due to their ease of assembly and high-weight storage capacities. Our wire shelving units can support 600 to 800 pounds per shelf, allowing even extremely heavy items to be safely and efficiently stored and organized.

Our custom wire shelves are equally suitable for the needs of grocers, bakers, and other food storage companies. The Schlatter MG950 allows Madsen Steel Wire to fabricate a variety of custom wire shelf components, including:

  • Air curtain shelving
  • Carbon steel and stainless steel shelving (available with powder coating and chrome plating)
  • Display case shelving
  • Oven, bakery, and freezer shelves/racks
  • Storage solutions for warehouses
  • Underbar refrigeration shelving
  • Walk-in cooler shelving
  • And much more

Superior Quality Wire Shelving from Madsen Steel Wire

Custom wire shelving by Madsen Steel Wire is perfect for businesses that require easy-to-assemble, versatile storage and display solutions with excellent strength, functionality, and aesthetics. The Schlatter MG950 allows us to meet tight deadlines, high production volumes, and the quality requirements of our customers in diverse industries. To learn more about our custom wire manufacturing capabilities, contact us today.

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