Madsen Wire is becoming a leader in welded wire products.  Along with the standard list of methods to join wire listed below, Madsen Wire has 2 Ideal Wire Mesh welding machines along with a Schlatter.  These are state of the art wire mesh welding.

There are countless welding processes, but just a few are used when welding wire products.  Wire to wire or wire to tube or sheet metal welding can only be accomplished by pressure or joining the parts together.  Joining welds for flat surface applications are produced by arc welding using filler metal without much if any pressure.  Resistance welding is accomplished under pressure without filler metal and does not melt any part of the wire being joined.  We have:

  • MIG/TIG welders
  • Rocker Arm Welders
  • Butt Welders
  • T Welders
  • Press Welders
  • Mesh Welders

At Madsen Wire Products, we make our own special fixtures or jigs to hold the wire parts in place during welding.

wire welding

Welded Wire Assemblies

From our start in 1938 as Jaxon Wire in Michigan till today in northern Indiana, Madsen Wire Products has been making welded wire assemblies.  The “Rugged Jax” Wire Mesh Containers were welded wire assemblies sold all over the United States, Canada and Mexico and are still used today.