Madsen Steel Wire Purchases New TRUMPF TruBend 3100

Madsen's New Trumpf 3100For over three decades, TRUMPF has been a trusted source of innovative bending technology worldwide, offering press brakes in varying sizes and configurations. Their TruBend Series 3000 line is capable of generating components both simplistic and complex with impressive precision and quality. Supporting our commitment to investing in the most advanced fabrication technology on the market, Madsen Steel Wire has now acquired the benefits TRUMPF brings to the table. Our new TruBend 3100 will help us support three of the largest steel wire markets in the world with precision products and tight tolerances.

This state-of-the-art bending machine offers the highest level of flexibility, safety, and autonomy. It combines advanced tooling with sophisticated software and automation solutions to get customer’s parts and products out quickly and efficiently. 


The TRUMPF TruBend 3100 bending machinery is highly versatile. The series is capable of creating parts with different bends as well as long profiles. Madsen Steel Wire’s TruBend 3100 provides superior flexibility, allowing us to process materials in a broad range of thicknesses. Without any interference contours, the system allows the operator to use the full bending length. It has applications in procedures such as air and bottom bending, folding, and hemming. The series streamlines processes by laser-measuring angles, automating tooling changes, and utilizing hydraulics to save energy, all of which directly relate to enhanced operational efficiency.

At Madsen Steel Wire, we understand that our customers depend on us to supply parts with fast lead times, achieve tight tolerances, and have greater design flexibility while never compromising on quality. Our acquisition of the TruBend 3100 ensures that we can provide our customers with these benefits at an even higher degree of accuracy and speed. 


For bending operations, the benefits of the new TRUMPF series translate directly to fast production times. These include:

  • Increased flexibility. Our TruBend 3100 is versatile and can handle scalable operations and a broad range of tasks, material thicknesses, and part sizes. 
  • Greater automation. TRUMPF’s automated systems allow us to keep lead times short and production high. 
  • Enhanced speed. With its high axis speeds, reduced setup and reconfiguration times, and dynamic 5-axis backgauge, our TRUMPF 3100 is the fastest in its class and still maintains optimal accuracy.
  • Rapid tool changes. We take safety seriously at Madsen Steel Wire. This equipment utilizes a vertical setup and safety click to enable users to quickly and easily change tools without worrying about safety concerns. 

Supporting Equipment

The components of the TRUMPF 3100 enable Madsen Steel Wire to deliver on our increased productivity and precision:

  • Automatically controlled bending (ACB) laser angle measuring system. This manual optical system is non-contact precision equipment that uses lasers and a camera to measure perfect angles in bending operations. The system works by projecting a laser beam onto the surface of the workpiece, and then the camera determines the angle. 
  • Support brackets. With various height settings, these components easily adjust to handle and hold the workpiece in place, helping to ensure tight tolerances are met. 
  • Backgauge. The TruBend 3100’s 5-axis backgauge ensures proper positioning of blanks, guaranteeing accurate positioning of the panel and ensuring exact side length. It also provides a significant amount of flexibility in bending by using angled bends.

Madsen Steel Wire: Your Partner for 100% American-Made Wire Products

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and services, and the TRUMPF TruBend 3100 will substantially increase our capabilities for producing quality wire and sheet metal products. Our TruBend machinery will help us to support your bottom line and safe operations with reliable, USA-made wire products and fast, on-time delivery. If you’re looking for high-performance bending solutions, contact us today for more information.

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