Wire Display Racks & Shelving for Food/Snacks/Chips

Custom displays are often used in retail environments to spotlight certain items and increase product sales. One type of highly effective custom display is wire rack point of purchase (POP) displays. Well-designed wire racks are lightweight, flexible solutions for most stores, restaurants, bakeries, and other retail settings.

Regardless of whether the displayed item is a simple snack or a gourmet product, customers are more likely to purchase if the display is visually appealing. The best wire rack displays emphasize the product and product packaging’s best features while remaining structurally stable.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using wire display shelving and racks for food products.

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What Are the Advantages of Using Wire Display Racks and Shelving?

Wire display racks quickly and effectively attract attention to your products near the checkout counter. Their strategic location encourages additional purchasing decisions as customers wait in line to pay. Here are some other benefits of using wire rack displays and shelves:

  • Versatility: Wire racks can have panels added or removed as needed to meet various situations. The grids work easily within fluctuating space constraints, and fixture components can be rearranged to accommodate new inventory.
  • Durability: When made with high-quality materials and designs, wire racks are durable over long periods of time and frequent use. They can withstand the weight of your products, including heavier items like mirrors and tools. They’re also light relative to their strength, so they are easy to transport and store when necessary.
  • Design and customization options: Customized wire display racks come in a variety of shapes and features depending on the needs of the client. Generally, wire racks offer an open, sleek design that enables you to showcase your products in the best possible way. Better product visibility translates to better product awareness and thus increased sales. Clients can also request new fixtures to fit any other products they want to display.
  • Economical: Durable wire displays offer high quality and excellent value. Therefore, they are one of the most effective investments a company can make in its retail environments.


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How Does Madsen Steel Wire Produce Wire Display Racks and Shelving?

The first step of every custom wire POP display project is a detailed consultation, where we learn your requirements and the vision you have for the wire display. This allows our designers to provide a free quote before starting to develop prototypes. If you require a POP wire rack display for an application other than food retail, we can tailor your wire displays to suit your specific needs.

Why Should You Choose Madsen Steel Wire Display Racks?

At Madsen Steel Wire Products, our careful craftsmanship and commitment to delivering orders on tight deadlines have earned us a reputation as a premier custom wire product provider. Whether you need standard or custom POP display racks, we can design, manufacture, and deliver your ideal solution according to your timeline. Our custom wire racks feature a reinforced, electro-welded steel rod and casters that guarantee smooth operation.

Unlike some wire manufacturers that only handle wire fabrication, Madsen Steel Wire can provide solutions in wire manufacturing, sheet metal assembly, tube fabrication, powder coating, welding, packing, and distribution. With over 80 years of experience and state-of-the-art machines, we create stronger wires and supports that ensure products last for years to come. We offer custom box sizes so that customers don’t need to adjust packaging once received. Our team can also customize racks to require less setup time and labor—the displays easily unfold and snap into place.

Our full-service capabilities allow us to offer turnkey solutions for clients in a variety of industries. Serving markets in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, we have streamlined our product design and manufacturing processes to fulfill orders from 500 to over 200,000 wire components.

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