Wire Basket Customization

Wire bins are a cost-effective, durable, lightweight and customizable storage solution. For homeowners, they are an ideal way to organize the kitchen, bathroom, basement or anywhere else where loose and oddly shaped items tend to accumulate.

If you’re looking for storage solutions that work for your home, consider purchasing a set of custom wire bins from Madsen Wire Products. As a custom wire product manufacturer, we offer extensive customization capabilities and a large selection of quality products that are engineered and built to the most demanding industrial standards.


Use wire bins for baskets as a versatile storage option throughout the home. Some of the many places they can help organize your life include:

  • In the kitchen: Wire baskets are an excellent way to store staple foods, utensils and other kitchen items. Because they are see-through, you can know at a glance how much of a given product you have on hand. Because they are built tough, they are capable of withstanding all the bumps and spills that frequently occur in the kitchen. It’s no surprise that many leading restaurants use wire baskets as their go-to storage solution. At home, place them in the pantry or under the sink, or use them to break up a cabinet into a more manageable space.
  • In the bathroom or laundry room: Wire bins for storage are just as useful in a bathroom, linen closet or laundry room. Wire storage provides a convenient place for hanging things, either with an optional hook or standard clothes hanger. Also, many wire bins are available with powder coating for additional corrosion protection, making them suitable for use in humid environments.
  • In the garage: Whether your garage is your workshop or simply a place to store things that don’t see regular use, wire bins and baskets can help keep it organized and accessible. Use wire bins to hold everything from power tools and sports equipment to lawn and garden supplies. Madsen Wire Products’ bins are modular solutions that are easy to expand and grow with your family as necessary.

Ultimately, when it comes to wire bulk bins, you are limited only by your imagination. Working with a custom manufacturer lets you create bins and baskets that fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

What to Look for in Wire Basket Storage

Wire bin storage must be engineered for the task at hand. While you don’t want an overdesigned, needlessly complicated product, you do want something sturdy enough for everyday use and spaced to hold what needs to stored.

While there are many off-the-shelf wire storage options, working with a custom fabricator ensures you get a product that checks all the boxes and looks great, too. That’s where Madsen Wire Products comes in.

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Madsen Wire Products offers a range of wire basket and bin fabrication services. We offer quality, USA-made products and custom wire parts at an affordable price point, and can quickly turn around custom orders of any size. To request a quote for a wire bin or other product, get in touch with our office today.