Bonded vs. Non-Bonded Powder Coating for Metal Products

PFAS-Free-BadgePowder coating is a dry finishing technique that applies a layer of polymer resin and colored particles to a workpiece surface, serving both protective and aesthetic purposes. An alternative to traditional liquid paint, which uses solvents for adhering the material to metal substrates, powder coating uses a chemical bond or an electrostatic charge to bind particles to a surface. It’s available in bonded and non-bonded forms, depending on the needs of your application.

Bonded vs. Non-Bonded Powder Coating

Bonded powder coating involves the physical bonding of powder base particles to a metal surface through heat, creating a strong chemical bond for precise and durable coatings. It provides a smooth finish, enhancing resistance to wear and corrosion, and is versatile for various part shapes and materials. In contrast, non-bonded powder coating relies on electrostatic attraction without heat, offering cost-effectiveness but potentially lower durability and corrosion resistance. Non-bonded coatings may have weaker adhesion, resulting in a less uniform finish, especially on intricately shaped parts, with diminished protective qualities and aesthetics.

Advantages of Bonded Powder Coating

metal parts being powder coatedAs a result of the chemical bond, the bonded powder coating offers several advantages over non-bonded powder coating. These include:

  • Durability and adhesion. Not only does bonded powder coating resist peeling, flaking, and chipping, but it also provides protection against wear, impact, moisture, fading, and chemicals. This level of durability goes hand-in-hand with its strong adhesion capabilities on metal substrates.
  • Corrosion resistance. In resisting chemicals and moisture, bonded powder coating significantly increases a metal product’s ability to resist corrosion.
  • Enhanced product lifespan. Given the quality of these coatings and the degree of protection they provide, bonded powder-coated products last longer than those with non-bonded coatings.
  • Better surface finish. Bonded powder coatings typically achieve a smoother, more uniform finish compared to non-bonded alternatives, enhancing the appearance of metal surfaces.

Madsen Steel Wire’s Bonded Powder Coating Capabilities

Wire mesh going through a 5-stage washing processAs part of Madsen Steel Wire’s commitment to quality, we offer bonded powder coatings services to our customers when needed. This sets us apart from the competition and results in enhanced reliability and performance for our clients’ products. Our automated in-house industrial powder coating process is made up of three steps: 

  • Pre-treatment. As clean surfaces enable the best adhesion, we begin with a five-stage washing procedure and sandblasting, as needed, to prepare metal surfaces to accept the coating. This process effectively removes all oils, grease, dirt, and related debris.
  • Powder application. Next, we electrically ground the workpiece and charge the powder coating, which we apply to your desired thickness with an electrostatic spray gun.
  • Curing. Finally, our team inserts the workpiece into a gas convection oven at 350º to 450º F so that the powder will melt into a smooth, uniform finish on the part’s surface. The workpiece cools upon removal from the oven, curing the bonded powder coating.

We have two powder coating booths in our 100,000 sq. ft. powder coating facility which run on an automated line for rapid production while maintaining the highest quality of each part. Additionally, we can provide fast color changes. All in all, our process maximizes efficiency, lead times, and means fast delivery for our customers. Madsen Steel Wire offers custom coatings, with numerous coloring, gloss, and texture options to suit your unique needs. For optimal quality and corrosion resistance, our powder coating line adheres to ASTM B117 and AAMA 2603 and 2604 specifications. We also utilize a certified PFAS-free powder coating, with no carbon dioxide emissions or hazardous solvents and materials.

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As a full-service manufacturer of custom wire products, Madsen Steel Wire has offered fast turnaround and delivery on high-quality, powder-coated products since 1938. Our bonded powder-coated metal wire products are 100% made in the USA. Providing solutions for industries ranging from automotive to food and beverage, we serve a diverse client base throughout North America.

In addition to powder coating, Madsen Steel Wire also offers design and engineering; sheet metal, wire, and tube fabrication; tube and pipe sandblasting; welding and assembly; and packaging and shipping to deliver turnkey solutions for our customers. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities for meeting your project’s performance requirements, or request a quote today to get started.

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