Making Your Next Promotional Display Through Wire


Making Your Next Promotional Display Through Wire

It doesn’t matter what kind of product you’re selling, and it doesn’t matter where you’re selling it. When it comes to getting people to buy your merchandise, there’s one thing all products have in common — if they aren’t displayed nicely and advertised correctly, they won’t sell.

When people are looking for products to buy, their eyes often go to the ones displayed the nicest and look the prettiest. This is especially true if they know nothing about the products or the brands in question. If all the items seem the same to them, they’re most likely to choose the products that look the best without any additional information about their features.

This means that as someone with a product to sell, it’s up to you to dress it up as nicely as possible. This includes a few different aspects, such as:

  • Sharp packaging and a striking design
  • Well-placed merchandise and informative marketing rhetoric
  • An efficient and attractive display

There are many kinds of wire pop displays available to help you show off your products, such as cardboard, plastic or glass. However, promotional wire displays offer a combination of versatility, efficiency and attractiveness these other kinds of displays simply can’t compete with.

We understand you might be new to the world of wire displays — or that you might be an expert. Either way, we’ve put together an overview of five distinct types of wire displays available, as well as what makes each custom wire display unique.

1. Custom Wire Capabilities

While there are certainly benefits to using our standard wire displays, we know sometimes there are situations and products where the standard items just don’t cut it. In these cases, it can be necessary to create or request a unique custom design.

custom wire capabilities

In cases like these, our CNC wire forming equipment is here to help. Using our technology, we can craft wire into almost any shape imaginable, creating displays, racks and baskets in whatever way you might need.

We have a selection of custom parts you can choose from, and while you can request your own products, these standard offerings can be combined into almost any shape you can imagine.

Our custom parts you can choose from include:

Customers have combined these parts together in creative ways to create amazing products, such as:

  • Wire pastry bag holders
  • Custom wire grids
  • Custom wire cages
  • Custom wire racks
  • Retail displays
  • Vehicle security screens
  • Wire material handling parts

These are just a few of the quality wire products we’ve built for our customers — there are hundreds more possibilities that can be built just by combining these pieces in different ways. By finding new and unique ways to combine our custom parts, you can come up with original solutions that work for your products and location.

The benefits of customizability are many and obvious. By choosing to customize your own design, you’re ensuring your display won’t just be a run-of-the-mill design anyone else could’ve bought, as well. Instead, it was intentionally designed with your specific product in mind, meaning it will be better suited to properly display and enhance your items.

While there are plenty of occasions where a standard rack or display will do the job just fine, there are few situations that aren’t improved by adding a custom touch. By designing your own display, you can give your product or location the extra unique flair it deserves.

2. Magazine Racks

Wire racks are beneficial for their durability, affordability and their portable, lightweight nature. Magazine wire displays can be used to hold brochures, magazine, pamphlets and many other small paper products.

magazine rack displays

Magazine racks can be made from several types of wire, depending on what you need. If you need a display that can hold many large, heavy magazines, you’ll be better off selecting a rack made from a heavier wire with a higher gauge. If, on the other hand, you only need a stand to hold a few small business cards, you’ll be fine simply using a lighter wire. This level of customizability is a great advantage of the wire magazine rack.

There are a variety of potential applications for something as versatile as a wire rack. Our small racks are great for countertops, tabletops and any place where shelving is an option. Magazine racks can also be made as standalone units that sit on the floor.  They make ideal places to store magazines and other leaflets. They’re useful in office buildings, retail stores, bakeries, libraries and any other place that has paper materials to display.

Our custom racks are designed exactly as you specify. Because you’re not just working with a common one-size-fits-all rack, the installation process is much smoother and easier. Because we’re following your specifications instead of just knocking out a standard project, the result will be more specific to your exact needs.

3. Counter Display Racks

Counter display racks have so many uses and applications that their only limitation is your imagination. Generally, however, they’re constructed to hold small items that are applicable to everyone. You might also hear them referred to as POP wire displays, which stands for Point of Purchase.

The idea is that they sit on a counter near checkout, a reference desk or another central hub of traffic in your location. While your customer or guest waits in line or completes their transaction, they notice the items displayed on the rack. Since these items are usually small, inexpensive products everyone can appreciate, customers are more likely to impulse-buy one of your items. POP wire displays can be used for food, pens, lip balm, hand lotion, candy bars and other small items.

This tactic of strategically placing merchandise near these central hubs can do wonders for the sale and distribution of these items. However, in many cases, the success of this tactic is proportional to how attractively your items are displayed. If they’re simply stuffed into a cardboard box and set on the counter, the effect is definitively underwhelming.

Counter display racks come in many shapes and sizes. There are standard models that are available to purchase. Alternatively, you can customize your own design with a specific product in mind, giving you full control over the shape, size and material of the rack.

You might choose to have a simple rack with spaces for a single row of items, or you might opt for a standing and rotating rack with multiple shelves of storage space — but your options don’t end there. You might also decide to choose a simple stand with wire pegs to hang small items from, or maybe you’ll prefer another design altogether.

While these are a few of the options customers have chosen in the past, they’re by no means the only ones. Use your creativity and let your product inspire you to create a custom countertop rack that serves your purposes.

4. Stock Racks

Stock racks, like most of the types of displays we’ve talked about, are exceptionally versatile. They can be used virtually anywhere for products and items need to be stored. The wire racks come in different shapes and sizes while also designed to be free-standing or to stand on a counter or table.

stock rack wire displays

Some popular items you might frequently see in stock racks are sunglasses, hats and other accessories. The wire stock racks are designed to hold rows of these small, uniformly shaped items in a space-efficient way that makes it easy for the customer to browse.

One of the reasons wire makes such an excellent choice for this type of rack is its durability. Any rack that’s going to be filled with stock, customers are going to be constantly handling, jostling and bumping needs to be able to hold up to constant strain. Wire has more strength and durability than cardboard and plastic, yet is less breakable than glass.

These stock racks are great for situations where you have an abundant amount of a certain product where each product needs to be visible. The design of these racks, while customizable, is usually such that every product can be seen at once, instead of stacking them one behind another. This makes them ideal for products you have a lot of.

5. Brand Displays

As attractive and functional display can be, sometimes that’s not all that’s called for. Sometimes, you don’t just want to highlight a useful product, but you also want to highlight the company’s name or the name of the product. If this is something you’re interested in, we’d like to introduce you to brand displays.

wire brand displays

These can work like the other types of displays we’ve talked about. They might be countertop displays, stock racks, or any other wire rack. What sets these displays apart, however, is that fact that you can customize them to have a company’s brand name or logo added right onto the rack itself.

You’ve probably seen this type of wire display yourself when you’re out shopping, although perhaps you haven’t noticed them. Typically, a rack is filled with many identical items, or sometimes multiple different items that all come from the same company or manufacturer. The brand name is then added to an extra piece of material that connects to the wire and adds a little extra flair to the stand.

There are several purposes of the brand display. First, it helps certain racks stand out. If there is an entire section of your store filled with stock racks or tabletops covered with counter display racks, they might start to look the same to customers. Imagine, however, if one rack was proudly displaying the name and logo of a well-known company. Customers are more likely to be drawn to this display. In this way, these racks are great for highlighting certain merchandise through capitalizing on existing brand recognition.

Another way to use these types of racks is to create brand recognition for new and lesser-known brands. If you have a product from a lesser-known company that you need to sell fast, or simply a product you believe customers will greatly enjoy and appreciate, create a branded display for it. Place this rack by itself, instead of with a cluster of other racks, allowing it to be the center of attention.

Customers will be curious and explore the new product, perhaps buy it. Before too long, they’ll come to associate the product with the brand, and they’ll be encouraged to do so by the reinforcing of the brand name and logo on the display. Because of this, branded displays are a great choice for many products and situations. The best part is that, like the rest of our wire designs, they can be customized to suit whatever product or location you have in mind. If a standard design suits your purposes, simply add a logo or brand name to the existing concept.

Create a Custom Wire POP Display With Madsen Steel Wire Products Today

Are you looking for a little customization to jazz up your regular wire displays? Do you have products that need an elegant display to show off their best sides in? If so, you’ve come to the right wire products company. At Madsen Steel Wire Products, we understand some situations and items call for more than just a standard solution. That’s why we offer plenty of customization options for our wire fabrication, so you can design the display that’s perfect for your needs.

To help you customize your wire display, you can add separate parts from our list of options, including hooks, handles, hangers, latches and so much more. You can also customize the wire gauge and determine how much weight your display will be able to hold.

Here at Madsen Steel Wire Company, we set ourselves apart through our top-quality work and our ability to design a project to completion. We never give you just the bare bones of your project, but instead include finishing touches like sheet metal and powder coated plating. We’re with you every step of the way as you design your custom display, and we know you’ll be pleased with your results.

If you’re ready to get started on your very own custom wire display, request a quote from us today. If you have any questions about our custom displays or anything else we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We’d love to hear from you!

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