Wire Hooks

Pegboard Wire Holder
Peg board Wire Holder

Wire Hooks

Wire hooks have a range of uses in restaurants, manufacturing facilities, lighting design and other applications. Use them to hang anything that needs to be securely suspended while remaining accessible — tools, utensils, lights, wires, and more.

To support this diversity of potential applications, Madsen Steel Wire Products offers custom wire hook fabrication for customers in any industry. We’ll work with you to determine your design and material needs, and engineer a solution that provides the performance and reliability you require.

A wire hook may not be the most important purchase you make this year, but it’s one that will play an important role in simplifying your storage and workflow. Custom wire hooks can you run a more productive and profitable business.

Keep reading to learn more about our custom metal hook fabrication process, or contact Madsen Steel Wire Products directly to request a quote.

Design and Engineering

Madsen Steel Wire Products has an in-house tooling and sample shop, which allows our team to quickly turn around prototypes and incorporate design changes for our metal wire products. Our facilities include CNC wire straighteners and cut-off machines that automate the production process, whether we are manufacturing a short run of items or 100,000 or more custom metal hooks.

Most importantly, when you work with Madsen Steel Wire Products, you benefit from the expertise of our team. Our engineers know wire fabrication better than anyone else — it’s been our main specialty and the core of our business since 1938. We can assess the technical requirements of your project and recommend the best way to bring it to market, economically and with a high level of quality control.

Hooks For Wire Shelving

Your choice of material plays a role in determining how much weight a hook can handle, and what conditions it can operate in.

Madsen Steel Wire Products manufactures wire hooks from stainless steel and other materials. We can also treat a finished product with scratch- or corrosion-resistant coating for additional durability. We work with stainless steel wire ranging from 14-gauge to 1/2 inch in diameter, and tubing up to 3 inches in outside diameter.

Our Quality Guarantee

Madsen Steel Wire Products manufactures all wire hooks in-house, in our domestic production facility. As a result, we can exercise precise control over all aspects of our supply chain, and complete all work to ISO 9001:2015 standards for quality management. This ensures all our wire hooks offer a high level of consistency and conformity — and all can be counted on for long-term performance in any application.

A Partner to Businesses in Any Industry

Madsen Steel Wire Products has a long history of working with clients in automotive, manufacturing, food and beverage and other industries. We can produce custom S hooks, C hooks and other solutions that fit seamlessly into your workflow and help you maintain productivity and performance.

Based in Orland, Indiana, we offer fast and convenient service to customers throughout the Midwest and beyond. To get started, contact our office and speak with one of our engineers directly. We’d be happy to provide a free quote or more information about our manufacturing capabilities and wire forming services.

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